Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Battle to Remember a Battle

St. Michael's feast day was late September and a few of my mama friends and I schemed up a massive nerf war in order to celebrate St. Michael's awesome victory over Satan. It happened a few weekends after the actual feast day, but we all prayed St. Michael's prayer at the beginning, which somehow seemed to make everything (as in it being well past his actual feast day) alright.

It was actually very easy to pull off as everyone pitches in. We bring food but keep things simple. One family, who are more seasoned in nerf wars, cleverly ordered tons of ammunition and safety goggles.

The four families had 23 kids between them, so the dads were certainly outnumbered.

We moms took turns watching the littles and joined in every now and then to support our men

 and our parish seminarian also helped out the dads.

It was so much fun! Our backyard joins with our friend's backyard so the kids already had an intricate fort complex in the woods and all the terrain was just very appropriate for this kind of endeavor.

So...no one got hurt! I look at these pictures and I am thankful for Catholic culture and large families. It is so easy to speak large family when you are with other large families...like...let's keep it simple, I will bring mac'n cheeses, let's make sure if you get "hit" you can go to the healing area and count and be better so noone has to be upset, can we add cupcakes and a happy birthday at the end for one of our eleven year olds? YES!

  It wasn't a trip to a theme park but it did require dads who can give up Sunday football to play...and maybe some taquitos.

 God Bless!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

True Royalty

I probably talk about it way too much to my mommy friends, but the idea of sovereignty really does make living the crazy big family life more concrete for me. I really grasped it reading Chesterton's Man Alive.

 If you were to look up sovereignty in the dictionary you would find mention of words like “supreme ruler” or “independent authority.”  If God is sovereign of heaven and earth, he most certainly should be sovereign in your home. When it comes to your marriage and the beautiful fruits that are born of that marriage, he truly works his sovereignty through you.

What you do, what you say, in your home is for your home. Over the last few years, I have seen the sovereignty in our marriage play out in the virtues we are all practicing together. When we correct our young ones, it is sometimes with a stern, “Oh we don’t do that in THIS family” or “In our home we say please.”

Homeschooling was a major leap in really taking that sovereignty to heart. Wow, can I really be the authority on what goes into my children’s minds and souls? It is not something I take lightly, luckily, I have much confidence in the literary giants I am leaning on in the classics.

Saying yes to more children has, in some ways, showed our sovereignty in our home to more people. People do not always see us singing around our Advent wreath or belting out Les Miserables, they certainly don’t see my three eldest daughters snuggled up in ONE bed Little Women style as they wait for kisses goodnight. In our home we play musical beds, who says everyone needs to be assigned one? In our home, we sing loud and who says you need to finish a song before switching over to another?

People can count though, so they do see our children.

So...In our home we value life. In our home we believe the child is supreme gift. In our home we think that children are a blessing. In our home we don’t say “the more the merrier” for certain occasions, we believe “the more the merrier” is for all the time, in all occasions!

It is a true blessing to see that sovereignty over your home and your life choices and then make it yours. Well-meaning family, who claim they are just being honest, will try to give you council on things that you are sovereign over. Medical professionals with the best of intentions will advise you on birth control options. Forgive them for not seeing your crown. Forgive them that they can’t see the jewels that are your children adorning your crown. Brilliantly.

Wear that crown in your minivan and to the park and to Mass. Where it well in your home. You are a young sovereign now, but with your crown will come wisdom if you can but have confidence in it. 

That the crown is rightfully yours.

You are sovereign.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


God is the beggar of love who knocks at the door of our hearts. (Rev 3:20)

St Therese doesn't think first about loving God but rather about understanding the depth of God's love for her. - Nicholas Cabasilas

I want more than a practicing of gratitude as I look around at this home and life. I want to truly rest in the confidence of knowing His deep deep love for me. This is the peace of mind I seek.