Thursday, January 27, 2011

Angel Conspiracy Theory

A Lady in Waiting for the Queen of Saints would try to attend to the King out of love for her and Him. Over the course of last summer, I tried to visit our King in the Tabernacle often.  One day I was in a rush to get to my friend’s house when my dear friend Katherine and I decided to swing by our church to say a quick hello to our Lord. I had decided, and I voiced this aloud, that it would be most efficient if I parked in the fire lane right outside the Church (which the Church bulletin always says not to).  I would run in quickly, say a prayer and Katherine could wait in the van.  Then Katherine could run in real quick and I would be in the van…very simple.
As we pulled in, I felt the van park itself in a parking spot. I mean, I drove it, but it was like a momentary forgetfulness of the plan I had formulated a millisecond ago.  “Well…I guess we should all go see Jesus,” I turned around and my three treasures were all buckled in their car seats, bright eyed and wonderful . The unbuckling and buckling of car seats for three children under four was like the needle that St Therese bends down to pick up. All these little things for Jesus.  The situation was not very “quick” or “efficient” either, but…Jesus is not an errand.
Our lively priest Father J.P. was on his way to the Church and stopped by the van. “We’re just paying a visit to Jesus,” I say cheerfully.   He smiled and chuckled, happy with this.  I have to force myself to not think of how good this looks, of how devoted we look, and how it must be pleasing to him. Errrr…vanity. So, we talk about the weather…because it WAS an absolutely beautiful day.
 Katherine and I brought the girls into the little side sanctuary. The familiar glow of the candles, the art, the holy water, and the beautiful wood tabernacle where our King was waiting always seems to make one at ease. As Katherine and I knelt before him, the children on kneelers, or the floor, or the bench in the back….I reflected. He is with me always, what was this urge to come and see Him here and why on earth did I drag the gang along?
The angels… in all my own planning… were in a conspiracy to get us all here.  And so, I was affirmed in my belief that day that the angels long to be with Jesus in the most Holy Eucharist.  That my angel should want to be in His presence is clear to me because I, myself, would like to be in His presence.  The prodding, however, of the angels of my children has now made me more sure that our children do belong with us at mass, when we visit the tabernacle, during adoration. The children may not be totally aware of the presence, but be sure their angels will adore. Listen when they say, “Please take them with you.”

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