Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real in the Lower 48

I am so happy to share some photos from our Thanksgiving adventure to Virginia and Maryland.  Justin is from the Northern Neck of Virginia so it was gorgeous this time of year, such a fresh change from the ever shorter and colder days of Juneau.  My parents live in Maryland and they did a wonderful job of making comfortable a whole slew of family and friends.  I hope to write more about how much I love family when I have completed my NFP posts.


I love pine cone clusters.

My oldest daughter loves to climb. 


This is Joy's first time on a pony (Spanky). I love her face!

We went for a hayride and this boy is just SO MUCH FUN.

I have, ever so often, had little daydreams of really rolling up my sleeves and homesteading a bit...however 'tis NOT the season.  Thankfully, we have an aunt who loves her chickens.

Fishing in Maryland!


Aww....he WAS so happy right before I plopped him down in here. 


So she turned seven while we were on vacation.  This is a little too real for me. My husband and I always catch our littles in a MOMENT and we just plead...stay, stay like this, forever. Or he'll say to me, "Stephanie we always need to have one THIS age."  I have this little pact with Our Lord that I pray He will keep with me. Whenever I am in a moment and I want to capture it and also don't want to see the moment through a camera, I say in my heart, "Lord please let me relive this in heaven." I have a peace that even though I might forget the look, or the hilarious words that were said...whatever makes it JUST RIGHT...I know I will see it again.  He is so Good.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real the October Way

Thank you for visiting so I can share life :).


We live less then five minutes from the Mendenhall Glacier.  We were blessed to have a nice October day last Sunday so we walked to the glacier and back.  I will never tire of this walk.


She LOVES her new beaver sweater her auntie got her for her birthday.  
This happy face says, "Yep..I'm wearing my beaver sweater."


I know, everyone has these pictures, but have you seen this one...of this baby this particular moment??? Awesome :)


My littles like to watch a black lab named Chloe chase her ball down the street on most afternoons.  They really want a dog, and maybe someday we will get a dog, but for now I am thankful for the Chloe show. 

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real...Cherish Summer's End

I love marking time with this weekly update. I loved what Leila had to say on her post this week about why we have Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.  I was thinking about how I have been very focused on using this blog to write down my journey to NFP and that this weekly post is a pause is that effort. I always feel abundance and gratitude! :)


We stayed out at the Shrine of St Therese Lodge for Joy's third birthday. In the morning as my husband fished with my dad, my girls collected sea stars.


My husband was so happy to play with a group of very talented young adults and teens from our Church last Sunday evening.


My son wearing a buff on his head. Cracks me up.


The girls and I brought some soup and birthday cake to Jeannie, the caretaker of the Shrine.  Jeannie asked the girls to come help her lock up the chapel.  We said goodnight to Jesus and then the girls were asked to ring the bells, a nice end to Joy's birthday.

God Bless from the Last Frontier!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

We have had a good August. I am happy to share with other women from Like Mother, Like Daughter.


Our family attended a beautiful wedding on Sunday of a young couple from our church.  My husband said it felt like a mini retreat and as we watched Cailey and Jacob so in love and happy we all knew deep down in our own hearts that love conquers all!!!  When Cailey found out she wasn't going abroad to study anymore they moved up their wedding date a whole year.  The father of the bride gave a touching toast in which he said he wondered what the "rush" was.  Hence, their wedding was soooo very Alaskan as it was a "Gold Rush" theme.  Cailey and Jacob had struck runs deep.
The rustic wedding cake.

Fresh evergreen.

Girls LOVED this.

Table decor. The beer bottle held a candle.


Playing with the table decor.


We are always happy to celebrate birthdays, and when there are a lot of littles there are plenty of birthdays!


My girls have the BEST imaginations.  All you need is scotch tape and toilet paper... (playing veterinarians) 


We are taking advantage of every single nice day we have left in summer.  September will bring some warm days hopefully but early October the snow starts to dust the mountain peaks. Tarzan, for now, will enjoy his watermelon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Although I have not been able to sit long enough to write my thoughts down for my next post, I am thankful for the weekly pause on Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real that allows me to capture what


Sisters are the best!


We prepared a meal for the soup kitchen downtown and served meatball subs.  Word got out and we fed around 100 people.  We somehow managed to have enough for everyone. 

"Fish and loaves" Holy Spirit work happening here!


This should probably be labeled "crazy." I LOVE Alaskan littles.  Look at them having the time of their lives in some VERY cold water.


Remember all my pretty pictures of us picking fireweed last week to make jelly?? is life with littles, it was fun to be in the field and pick the wildflowers and feel summer and dream about making something together, something delicious and full of sugar like...jelly. However, it did get moldy and gross because life happens...and this is all...wonderful and REAL!!!!

The fireweed jelly fail was ok because we DID manage to make another blueberry pie with the berries from our front yard.  Actually, my daughter thought of making this for her dad all by herself and he loved it and we enjoyed it during the opening ceremony of the Olympics (I cried when the Mary Poppins all came out of the sky to scare away the evil guys).

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty Happy Funny Real

A look at our life in the past week...


We decided this was God saying "I love you!" Pinch me. I live here!


The fireweed is in bloom! Midsummer joy!

We can make fireweed jelly!


Maybe moms are "Fishers of littles!" Ha! I'm such a NERD. Love it :)


I have found such joy in watching my husband and son together.  

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God Bless!