Thursday, June 7, 2012



Tuesday morning we enjoyed a June low tide, a -4.7. All the treasures get put back except for the cool ones  that our friend Janet needs to bring back to a local fish hatchery with a touch tank.

God's touch tank


We joined our Church family on this gorgeous morning.  There were five families (with LOTS of littles) and the Holy Spirit managed to bring us together beautifully.  Close friends + sea critters = happy


All that NATURE sure makes me hungry! Luckily, that afternoon I was invited to a potluck in the girls' room.


God has blessed me with some very holy REAL women here in Alaska that I am privileged to call friend.  Let me introduce you...
My soul sister Christy (with a handful of littles).  Christy jokes that she could have beat me up  in high school.  She  is a CG wife too. She is a mother of seven, five of whom she adopted. She just became a grandmother.  She is head over heels in love with her husband.
She is the big sister I always wanted.

Angela and I share the same birthday.  Mother of seven (six here and a baby born into heaven).  Grandmother of four.  Angela GETS family.  She is funny, intelligent (very bookish...she is currently revisiting A Tale of Two Cities), talented (sings the Messiah, sews prom dresses) and obviously a great hot cocoa maker. 

Rebekah, mother of four and Angela's oldest child.  Yes...those are TWINS! WOW to be friends with a mommy of twins is to constantly witness patience, gentleness and love (you know the intense dying to self kind).  She too is funny, intelligent (very bookish like her mother) and talented (sings the Messiah and sews entire wardrobes for Disney world vacations...err...pre-twins that is).  We set up play dates for our littles but they are really play dates for us.

Janet, the youngest of 10, is standing in the middle, I didn't get a closer shot.  She is a mother of seven, four of whom she adopted.  We share St Therese as our saint, I met Janet for the first time in Eucharistic Adoration (she was signing "I love you" and blowing kisses to me).  She is always looking to serve.  You will be standing in the kitchen with her and she empties your dishwasher and says it is fun!  Janet is as Alaskan as you can get and as pro-life as you can get.
Thank you Lord for blessing me with family while I am away from family.  I don't worry so much about living in the somewhat scary world we live in when I am with these women.  I also am encouraged to see the lives of other holy women here.  God Bless!


  1. Thanks for showing your sea creatures to us! How wonderful to be surrounded by godly women. I know firsthand how important that is when family is far away. God bless you and your family!

  2. Thank you for visiting Lindsey! It is awesome how He provides!

  3. Love it! Such wonderful people! :)

    1. Thanks Suzanne! I sure will miss you...

  4. Stephanie - I am so happy to see your blog! It's nice to see another SE Alaskan Catholic Blogger - and to think you were right under my nose all this time!

    Please come by and visit my blog at Home In Douglas!

    1. Thanks Paula! I WILL visit your blog!