Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

It is Thursday and you know what that means!!!!!


So we have been eating dinner in the basement (cabinet renovation upstairs) and using the little kitchen we have down there. I thought this effort to have a somewhat NORMAL meal together was pretty.


Good old fashioned at home birthday party!

I did a treasure hunt with clues all around the house so they could find the pinata.  My husband hid it in one of the kayaks, the girls had a blast.

Waaaaaayyyyyyy too much sugar!


She IS funny :)


I love real people.  Today I was excited to snap some pictures of one of my best friends here in Juneau, Jennifer and her beautiful daughter.

Jennifer is an authentic Catholic and a devoted wife and mother.  She is the age of my youngest sister (so six years younger than me) and since I can't be close to my sisters as I live in ALASKA, God has placed Jennifer in my life.  I love you Jennifer! You are real because you see so much of life through the eyes of faith.  You PRAY.  You love Jesus. You push baby buggies through piles of snow in your xtra tuff boots can!  If you run out of bananas for banana bread you just make it a: pear, apple, banana....err...bread! 

Jennifer..ALWAYS stop by on your walks around the neighborhood.  Always :)

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  1. Hi! I saw your link at Like Mother... What sweet photos! I also liked that you had one of a "real" friend. They are so important, as much as we love our online community. :-)