Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Although I have not been able to sit long enough to write my thoughts down for my next post, I am thankful for the weekly pause on Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real that allows me to capture what


Sisters are the best!


We prepared a meal for the soup kitchen downtown and served meatball subs.  Word got out and we fed around 100 people.  We somehow managed to have enough for everyone. 

"Fish and loaves" Holy Spirit work happening here!


This should probably be labeled "crazy." I LOVE Alaskan littles.  Look at them having the time of their lives in some VERY cold water.


Remember all my pretty pictures of us picking fireweed last week to make jelly?? is life with littles, it was fun to be in the field and pick the wildflowers and feel summer and dream about making something together, something delicious and full of sugar like...jelly. However, it did get moldy and gross because life happens...and this is all...wonderful and REAL!!!!

The fireweed jelly fail was ok because we DID manage to make another blueberry pie with the berries from our front yard.  Actually, my daughter thought of making this for her dad all by herself and he loved it and we enjoyed it during the opening ceremony of the Olympics (I cried when the Mary Poppins all came out of the sky to scare away the evil guys).

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  1. Mmm, blueberry pie sounds wonderful! And I had to laugh at the swimming pic. Here in AZ, most people won't get in the water if it's below 80 deg. But we could use a little Alaska weather about now!