Friday, August 17, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

We have had a good August. I am happy to share with other women from Like Mother, Like Daughter.


Our family attended a beautiful wedding on Sunday of a young couple from our church.  My husband said it felt like a mini retreat and as we watched Cailey and Jacob so in love and happy we all knew deep down in our own hearts that love conquers all!!!  When Cailey found out she wasn't going abroad to study anymore they moved up their wedding date a whole year.  The father of the bride gave a touching toast in which he said he wondered what the "rush" was.  Hence, their wedding was soooo very Alaskan as it was a "Gold Rush" theme.  Cailey and Jacob had struck runs deep.
The rustic wedding cake.

Fresh evergreen.

Girls LOVED this.

Table decor. The beer bottle held a candle.


Playing with the table decor.


We are always happy to celebrate birthdays, and when there are a lot of littles there are plenty of birthdays!


My girls have the BEST imaginations.  All you need is scotch tape and toilet paper... (playing veterinarians) 


We are taking advantage of every single nice day we have left in summer.  September will bring some warm days hopefully but early October the snow starts to dust the mountain peaks. Tarzan, for now, will enjoy his watermelon.


  1. What a pretty wedding! And I love the watermelon face :)

  2. What a lovely wedding! Your children are so imaginative. That's wonderful!