Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real...Cherish Summer's End

I love marking time with this weekly update. I loved what Leila had to say on her post this week about why we have Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.  I was thinking about how I have been very focused on using this blog to write down my journey to NFP and that this weekly post is a pause is that effort. I always feel abundance and gratitude! :)


We stayed out at the Shrine of St Therese Lodge for Joy's third birthday. In the morning as my husband fished with my dad, my girls collected sea stars.


My husband was so happy to play with a group of very talented young adults and teens from our Church last Sunday evening.


My son wearing a buff on his head. Cracks me up.


The girls and I brought some soup and birthday cake to Jeannie, the caretaker of the Shrine.  Jeannie asked the girls to come help her lock up the chapel.  We said goodnight to Jesus and then the girls were asked to ring the bells, a nice end to Joy's birthday.

God Bless from the Last Frontier!


  1. I love that tiny starfish! It looks like it was a lovely week. :-)

  2. The front door to the place is charming!

  3. My girls would love to collect sea stars, too! Happy Birthday!