Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real the October Way

Thank you for visiting so I can share life :).


We live less then five minutes from the Mendenhall Glacier.  We were blessed to have a nice October day last Sunday so we walked to the glacier and back.  I will never tire of this walk.


She LOVES her new beaver sweater her auntie got her for her birthday.  
This happy face says, "Yep..I'm wearing my beaver sweater."


I know, everyone has these pictures, but have you seen this one...of this baby this particular moment??? Awesome :)


My littles like to watch a black lab named Chloe chase her ball down the street on most afternoons.  They really want a dog, and maybe someday we will get a dog, but for now I am thankful for the Chloe show. 

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  1. That photo of your sleeping son is so cute. None of my babies have just slumped over to sleep like that! I'm a little jealous. LOL.

  2. Being from New England, I love your little boy's shirt! I have many pictures of one of my boys asleep at the table but usually he is slumped forward. :) Your pictures of the clouds are gorgeous!

  3. Except that the Red Sox did horrible this year! God Bless you Danielle thanks for visiting!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Your photos of the glacier are beautiful! My husband would LOVE to live in Alaska...he actually thought about joining the Coast Guard before we got married.

    What a sweet little boy you have! I love those cheeks!

  5. I'm always jealous when I see pictures of little ones asleep in random places :) None of mine has EVER done this LOL It's hard enough to get mine to quiet down and rest in their beds.