Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real in the Lower 48

I am so happy to share some photos from our Thanksgiving adventure to Virginia and Maryland.  Justin is from the Northern Neck of Virginia so it was gorgeous this time of year, such a fresh change from the ever shorter and colder days of Juneau.  My parents live in Maryland and they did a wonderful job of making comfortable a whole slew of family and friends.  I hope to write more about how much I love family when I have completed my NFP posts.


I love pine cone clusters.

My oldest daughter loves to climb. 


This is Joy's first time on a pony (Spanky). I love her face!

We went for a hayride and this boy is just SO MUCH FUN.

I have, ever so often, had little daydreams of really rolling up my sleeves and homesteading a bit...however 'tis NOT the season.  Thankfully, we have an aunt who loves her chickens.

Fishing in Maryland!


Aww....he WAS so happy right before I plopped him down in here. 


So she turned seven while we were on vacation.  This is a little too real for me. My husband and I always catch our littles in a MOMENT and we just plead...stay, stay like this, forever. Or he'll say to me, "Stephanie we always need to have one THIS age."  I have this little pact with Our Lord that I pray He will keep with me. Whenever I am in a moment and I want to capture it and also don't want to see the moment through a camera, I say in my heart, "Lord please let me relive this in heaven." I have a peace that even though I might forget the look, or the hilarious words that were said...whatever makes it JUST RIGHT...I know I will see it again.  He is so Good.

Thanks for stopping fun, God Bless...see what Rosie posted at LMLD 

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  1. What absolutely adorable pictures. I love your pact with the Lord.