Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Give Me Liberty...

The CGC Liberty that is!

My last post...I was a bit stressed in the waiting that comes with transfer season.

And my! We got a call Friday with the news that my husband has been assigned to be the commanding officer of the CGC Liberty right here in BEAUTIFUL Juneau, Alaska! This is such a blessing to our family! The  oh... 1% ...chance that Justin might get this particular boat so we could spare our family one more move during his career was something we put our HOPES in. Then when littles pray for it every night...for months...and your three year old little prays, "And that daddy gets the lib-erry"...God LISTENS!

Why Juneau? is PRETTY here...more like, "raw gorgeous" pretty


The trail out my back door that leads to the ski trails and glacier lake.

Why Juneau? We are very HAPPY here with the friends we have made in our parish community, look how happy my Joy is, we will get to keep doing our Little Flowers group. Look at her HAPPY friends, they celebrated our news with a caramel popcorn cake!



The Friday morning, just hours before we found out our great news...I think God was trying to give me clues that I needed to calm down, that all was going to be fine.

I found signs of "LIBERTY" everywhere.  They were just kind of there...

My husband's snowboard in the spot where it always is..and what's that sticker on it...Liberty.

And then I'm pouring one of my littles cereal..I mean...and there it is...again...

Really? The Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty?

There was also a book on the landing of my stairs with the statue of Liberty on it.

Ok...I just wanted to share...God cereal boxes.


This is my family in front of the CGC Liberty last summer.  We would always look at her when we walked the docks and kind of muse over how cool it would be if Justin could see Southeast Alaska from her. God is so good. Trust in the One Who gives good gifts!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real Small World

Ok. I am especially GRATEFUL for this weekly Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post friends...I am going CRAZY!


We are waiting for the detailer to call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This part of military so fun. Assignment season. To me, it is really not about WHERE we go...its the WAITING to find out WHERE that new place will be.  I mean, wow, I feel on edge...every time I hear the phone ring I get queasy.  Then there is the challenge of actually finding our phone because Tarzan likes to wander off with it.


Oh, but THANK YOU LORD for friends! the midst of the WAITING for our new assignment, I was reminded at a six year old's party...that we live in a small I need to chill-lax a bit.


My friend, Rebekah hosted a small world themed birthday party for her daughter because she loves the Disney World ride so much.  

"Happy Birthday" signs 


My girls had such a fun time figuring out what to wear from a different country.  
This party is a homeschooling mom's DREAM :), which makes sense because Rebekah homeschools...she is also EXTREMELY creative and talented.  Look at her La Boheme picture on the wall..yep...and she can SING it too.


The food was so clever...the littles got to make sushi! Ohhhh but this is the BEST sushi EVER...they rolled up red swedish fish gummies in fruit by the foot. They LOVED it.


This is the moment when we are all singing to Cricket (Rebekah do you like her alias?), the little girl in the pink dress and pigtails.  Angela, Cricket's Grandma, is coming up from behind with an extra candle because we were all singing Happy Birthday and the candles were counted and we realized...oh my...she isn't turning five, she is turning six! So we hold our "Haaaaaaaaaaa" in happy as we sing the song in sooo many different keys.

And success! Phew...six candles.  I mean...moments like this make me LOVE big families so much. This is just how we roll. I LOVE every moment of imperfectness and love and joy.  I love those twins that are FASCINATED with the glowing candles that celebrate...LIFE.

This "Small World" party was a nice reassurance today. Praying that wherever we is God's BEST for our family :)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Until All the Littles Are Safe

My feet are thawing from standing at the Rally for Life at the steps of the capitol building, here in the capitol city of Alaska....Juneau.  Beautiful Juneau with her mountains and ice fields and trees and...

abortion clinic.

My husband wrote a song and sang it today for the unborn. I heard his voice filling the streets of the city....

"We are alive! Beating hearts and souls, silently waiting for PROTECTION!"

He had to record the music because of the way the cold messes with his guitar.  Our very dear friend Steve is singing with him.  

The children watched them.

They watched their fathers sing as they sat next to their friends. 

My girls' friends are adopted, and I am so thankful for their lives. They bless us.

We listened to all of the speakers.

Angela passed out warm bread.

Then we prayed. We will keep praying...until all the littles are safe.

Please read Leila's post today. I love every line of it. 

God Bless...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real Christmas


I love how pretty this ball looks lighting up her face.  She is all three and all joy!


She was thrilled to find THIS! I mean, I can't tell with her face here if she was exerting a certain amount of effort to keep the icicle, we don't have room in our freezer for this one.


He found the box of Cherrios. A nice mess mixed in with the sprinkles of
dog food on the floor from our new puppy.


Wait a second?!?!? Did I say puppy???


Yep! Meet Nori, she is so sweet and we just love her.

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