Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real Small World

Ok. I am especially GRATEFUL for this weekly Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post friends...I am going CRAZY!


We are waiting for the detailer to call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This part of military so fun. Assignment season. To me, it is really not about WHERE we go...its the WAITING to find out WHERE that new place will be.  I mean, wow, I feel on edge...every time I hear the phone ring I get queasy.  Then there is the challenge of actually finding our phone because Tarzan likes to wander off with it.


Oh, but THANK YOU LORD for friends! the midst of the WAITING for our new assignment, I was reminded at a six year old's party...that we live in a small I need to chill-lax a bit.


My friend, Rebekah hosted a small world themed birthday party for her daughter because she loves the Disney World ride so much.  

"Happy Birthday" signs 


My girls had such a fun time figuring out what to wear from a different country.  
This party is a homeschooling mom's DREAM :), which makes sense because Rebekah homeschools...she is also EXTREMELY creative and talented.  Look at her La Boheme picture on the wall..yep...and she can SING it too.


The food was so clever...the littles got to make sushi! Ohhhh but this is the BEST sushi EVER...they rolled up red swedish fish gummies in fruit by the foot. They LOVED it.


This is the moment when we are all singing to Cricket (Rebekah do you like her alias?), the little girl in the pink dress and pigtails.  Angela, Cricket's Grandma, is coming up from behind with an extra candle because we were all singing Happy Birthday and the candles were counted and we realized...oh my...she isn't turning five, she is turning six! So we hold our "Haaaaaaaaaaa" in happy as we sing the song in sooo many different keys.

And success! Phew...six candles.  I mean...moments like this make me LOVE big families so much. This is just how we roll. I LOVE every moment of imperfectness and love and joy.  I love those twins that are FASCINATED with the glowing candles that celebrate...LIFE.

This "Small World" party was a nice reassurance today. Praying that wherever we is God's BEST for our family :)

Check out what Rosie posted on Like Mother, Like Daughter. God Bless!


  1. What an awesome party! I must pin it! :-)

    One of my friends is also waiting for reassignment. She seems to always wind up moving with tiny babies. Her "look on the bright side" for this one is that at least this baby will have had 1 more round of immunizations than the last.

    God Bless a Military Wife!

  2. Friends in the military are so wonderful! When my husband was deployed in the Navy, we could help each other out with our kids during Mass and it made all the difference in the world. I hope your news come soon, because just like you said - it is the waiting that is so hard!

  3. What a wonderful idea for a party. I know my kids would love to do it with their friends. I'm going to have to suggest it to our homeschool buddies.

    1. I know, learning and partying at the same time is AWESOME

  4. Looks like a FUN party was had - great theme!
    Peace to you while you what to hear about the new assignment, and thank you (your husband, you & your family included) for serving our Country!