Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Until All the Littles Are Safe

My feet are thawing from standing at the Rally for Life at the steps of the capitol building, here in the capitol city of Alaska....Juneau.  Beautiful Juneau with her mountains and ice fields and trees and...

abortion clinic.

My husband wrote a song and sang it today for the unborn. I heard his voice filling the streets of the city....

"We are alive! Beating hearts and souls, silently waiting for PROTECTION!"

He had to record the music because of the way the cold messes with his guitar.  Our very dear friend Steve is singing with him.  

The children watched them.

They watched their fathers sing as they sat next to their friends. 

My girls' friends are adopted, and I am so thankful for their lives. They bless us.

We listened to all of the speakers.

Angela passed out warm bread.

Then we prayed. We will keep praying...until all the littles are safe.

Please read Leila's post today. I love every line of it. 

God Bless...

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  1. That is a beautiful demonstration. I have never be a part of one, but maybe someday in the future my family can do what yours has done. :)