Friday, February 15, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real February


This hand me down dress is a winner. The twirl factor is out of this world. I think she has worn it the past three days, but it is so pretty for St Valentine's Day :)

She brought it with her to breakfast...that's pink milk!


I never had any formal music instruction growing up.  My husband plays guitar and his music has been such a joy to have in our home.  I feel so blessed that my children are growing up learning the language of music.  It makes me happy to know they will have music in their future.  

When our piano was getting tuned last summer, my daughter's violin teacher said as he finished the job, "This is no longer just a piece of furniture. This is an instrument."

My second little, Lioness, is now playing the instrument and is truly enjoying herself.

And this one is playing her violin better every day as well...

Makes me happy.


Ok. So, I was cooking and I must have burned something sometime ago because...oh my...

I have been looking all around for my second baking sheet.  I love to cook, right? So, sometimes when things don't always go as planned, to prevent smoke and smoke detectors going off on... I throw stuff outside.  We have had so much snow fall, I forgot this sheet was out there and as February has brought more rain, ta da! Thank you St Anthony!


Ok, so I've read about this whole mother and son relationship in know a mother loves her son. 

And I get it now. 

And yes, that is our Christmas tree on the back deck...the same deck that had the baking sheet :)

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