Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PHFR Holy Week

I don't mean to be one of the first people to link up to the Like Mother, Like Daughter PHFR posts, but I'm still awake here in the Last Frontier. We have our own time zone!

This is the week that changed the world!

So fun to say.

Almost as fun as watching the snow melt here and saying in a low whisper...Aslan is on the move. (Dorky I know but I'm OK with dorky).


Sunday evening my dear friend Angela needed help throwing a party for the Eastern Oregon University Choir who gave a performance here in Juneau during their spring break.  Her daughter Emily has an amazing voice...please take a listen to her praise song.  So beautiful.  Justin LOVES it.

Pretty voice:

 So Emily orchestrated (I'm so musical!) this whole Alaska trip and Angela knew that after the show Sunday evening these 60 young talented adults would be hungry and would need a place to eat...and would need to feel old church hall, rally friends who are potluck pros...and we have a party!  We had a little Alaska theme going on...

Pretty decor:

Xtra Tuff boots, Old Man's Beard and spray painted gold rocks

Oh my! A whale near the strawberries!

Little boot


It was so special to bring some of these beautiful flowers home from the party and give them a sweet spot in mason jars on my island of stability (a.k.a my kitchen table). 
I love our Blessed Mother. I love Palm Sunday.  


So, I was trying to do something in the kitchen and he was under foot and I thought...I know...he loves his toothbrush! So he sat with his toothbrush for awhile with the water drizzling at the kitchen sink so I could finish whatever I was doing.
 I'm THAT clever!

Rapunzel's hair is sooooooo long.


They should be in bed...

but they are lost in sisterland.

God bless!


  1. What a great party! I love the Alaska theme. And, what a clever mama you are! :-)

  2. Visiting from PHFR....I am in love with your header picture! So cute. :)

    1. I do too Miranda, I get to kiss those cheeks all the time!

  3. LOL! I have trying to cut my toddlers hair and thought about giving him a toothbrush to keep his hands occupied. Luckily I thought better about the hair getting stuck in the bristles.

    I love their little fort. Maybe the kids and I will build one today!

    1. Yeah, we learned the hard way with lollipops,the hair gets all over it. Thanks for stopping by, God bless :)

  4. Steph! I've been saying "Aslan is on the move," all week. My brother just looks at me like I'm coming unglued or something. Glad to know someone's with me! :)


  5. I love your Blessed Mother, flowers and palms!

    1. I rather like the palms in the vase decor, that was something new this year :)

  6. A kid in a sink -- a great solution! Water always buys you ten minutes :)

    Thanks for joining with your daffodils!