Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - March

I have some pictures to share that weren't necessarily taken this week...but looking at them does give me that good, abundant still counts right?


This pretty makes me laugh. My not so fancy Olympus Tough camera (it is sand, waterproof, drop proof, etc)....has some rather fancy picture options.  With my digital camera skills (I have none) I used the "beauty" setting (unintentionally) while taking this picture 

The sparkles remind me of angels though! 


My seven year old received the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturday in preparation for her First Communion in May. I hugged her when she came out of the confessional, a good deep, I'm proud of you and I love you hug.

 At my daughter's request, we celebrated this beautiful Gift from God with a sushi dinner.   I am getting pretty good at whipping the rolls up...nori and rice and cucumber and roll it up..bam!  I even found a box of twelve fortune cookies for $2.00 at the store. We were told by a friend who was told by a friend that Catholics aren't supposed to read fortune cookies. That is no fun! So we were rebels and thoroughly enjoyed them, especially the Chinese translations of English words on the was educational!

This is special. I am HAPPY that just having dinner together, with a candle lit and throwing up a strand of Christmas lights is celebration enough for us.  


So, we have a handful of Barbies in our home????  Eh...I have mixed feelings about them.  I do love how the girls are always making huge elaborate families with them.  And these families have to get around since I won't fork over $80.00 for Barbie accessories, my girls get creative.

This was from October before we moved...see my little wearing the Halloween shirt...
...aren't you glad I shared? 

She seems so pleased with this whole endeavor. Which car would you go for? 
I like the snow boots, seems safe.


So, wow....after three daughters God blessed us with a son. 

And oh how I love this boy. 

He has stolen my heart...and he CLIMBS! 

I have never had a baby that climbs before. I mean, if all gets a little too quiet...I know....

Oh my gosh, why would I snap a picture when I should be making sure he doesn't fall off the table!?!? 

Because...he is just so boy.  I LOVE this.

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  1. Can I request that you use the beauty setting for all future pictures? It just adds sooo much! :-)

  2. My daughter loves barbies too. We try to avoid the "not so nice ones" I love the shoes as cars! It just shows the imagination of children.
    Stopping by from {p,h,f,r}

    1. Right, the "not so nice ones" we come across are usually the immodest ones. Thanks for stopping by Monique!

  3. Boys are so different, aren't they? Oh goodness! I had three girls a break and then a boy. It was a learning experience that is for sure!!

    When I was a girl I was creative with my Barbies too. I would take scraps of fabric and make them clothes (no sewing of course, lol), and I remember truing my entire living room into lavish mansions for them. So they do help with creativity.

    And as for the fortune cookies, go for it. It isn't that we aren't supposed to have them, we are just not to believe in them. You can read them, giggle, and go on with your life securely held in the hands of Our Lord. :)

    1. I am thoroughly enjoying the boy learning curve. God bless Amy Caroline!

  4. Stephanie! I found your blog on the LMLD link-up - what a small blogosphere world it is! I started blogging just a little bit to keep record of our lives, since I'm terrible at journaling

    I can't believe your little (little, in one sense!) guy got onto the table like that. I guess I better start preparing for my own to start doing that in the next few months.

    And I'm super impressed by your sushi making skills! We've made sushi before, but I'd just prefer to eat it and not make it. :)

  5. With enough soy sauce and wasabi anything can taste good right??? Thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. I love the sparkly beauty setting. Also, I read your post about your "NFP leap of faith", I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was beautiful. I'd love to read part 2. :)

    1. Thank you Sarah for the motivation, I'm on it!

  7. I'm enjoying following your journey! :-)

  8. Thanks Kristen! I hope you and Josh come visit your family here so we can meet up, that would be so cool!