Thursday, April 18, 2013

Laurie's View

Happy Easter!  Oh this is so exciting!

I have decided I wanted to use this blog to share some Large Family Vision inspiration from literary friends here and there because I just think that's how I'd like things to go here at Littles Make the World Go Round.

I've got another post in the works to continue on my NFP journey, having left off with this post and this post on my LOVE for the Eucharist.  However,  I'm all over the place in my draft and I thought...there is no rush...the Holy Spirit works slow (LOVE).  So, with this Large Family Vision, I'm not quite sure, with the unique imprint God's hand has had on our family...what OUR family will look like in a decade...or three...but I know the general feeling, atmosphere I'd like to build with His help.  I feel a bit unsure how to express at times in words this...home...but I find small gems in the classics that do the explaining for me...and I can't help but love them.

So...a little vision from Louisa May Alcott...

"No; I came to amuse you. Shall I read aloud?" and Jo looked affectionately toward some inviting books nearby.

"Thank you; I've read all those, and if you don't mind, I'd rather talk," answered Laurie.

"Not a bit; I'll talk all day if you'll only set me going.  Beth says I never know when to stop."

"Is Beth the rosey one, who stays at home a good deal, and sometimes goes out with a little basket?" asked
Laurie, with interest.

"Yes that's Beth; she's my girl, and a regular good one she is, too."

"The pretty one is Meg, and the curly-haired one is Amy, I believe?"

"How did you find that out?"

Laurie colored up, but answered frankly, "Why, you see, I often hear you calling to one another, 

and when I'm alone up here,

I can't help looking over at your house, 

you always seem to be having such good times.  

I beg your pardon for being so rude, but sometimes you forget to put the curtain down at the window where the flowers are; and when you all round the table with your mother; her face is right opposite, and it looks sweet behind the flowers, I can't help watching it.  I haven't got any mother you know," and Laurie poked the fire to hide a little twitching of the lips that he could not control.

The solitary, hungry look in his eyes went straight to Jo's warm heart.  She had been so simply taught that there was no nonsense in her head, and at fifteen she was as innocent and frank as any child.  Laurie was sick and lonely; and, 

feeling how rich she was in home-love and happiness,

she gladly tried to share it with him.  Her face was very friendly and her sharp voice unusually gentle as she said, "We'll never draw the curtain any more, and I give you leave to look as much as you like.  I just wish, though, instead of peeping, you'd come over and see us.  Mother is so splendid, she'd do you heaps of good, and Beth would sing if I begged her to, and Amy would dance; Meg and I would make you laugh over our funny stage properties, and we'd have jolly times.  Wouldn't your grandpa let you?"

Anyone else a fan of Little Women


  1. It does look like your family has so much fun! I would love to live next door to you (although maybe not actually in Alaska) I think the way you wove the pictures between the text was really creative.

    1. Becky you all would LOVE it here!!!!

  2. I adore this! I know it's sunny outside and I am THRILLED to be in the sun and working in the garden, but after reading the last couple of posts, I am yearning for the winter, and more specifically, the winters past where my Littles and I snuggled under quilts and read great books together. Now they are at the age of busyness and dabbling in different classes to explore their talents. Our afternoons are less cozy and cocooning and more rushed and stressful. I do miss my days of only Littles now that I have a mixed bag of Tweens (I just hate that word!) and Littles. sigh.