Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Family Sara Liked Best

In the evening, when she passed houses whose windows were lighted up, she used to look into the warm rooms and amuse herself by imagining things about the people she saw sitting before the fires or about the tables.

It always interested her to catch glimpses of rooms before the shutters were closed.

There were several families in the square in which Miss Minchin lived, with which she had become quite familiar in a way of her own.  The one she liked best she called the Large Family. She called it the Large Family not because the members of it were big - for indeed, most of them were little - but because there were so many of them.

There were eight children in the Large Family, and a stout, rosy mother, and a stout, rosy father, and a stout, rosy grandmother, and any number of servants.

The eight children were always either being taken out to walk or to ride in perambulators by comfortable nurses,

or they were to drive with their mama, or they were flying to the door in the evening to meet their papa and kiss him

and dance around him and drag off his overcoat and look in pockets for packages, or they were crowding about the nursery windows and looking out

and pushing each other and laughing

in fact, they were always doing something enjoyable and suited to the tastes of a large family.

We LOVE Sara.

Do you like this sharing? I'll keep my eye out as we read for little literary nuggets for our Large Family Vision. Leave it to the classics to give us the direction we need, right? God Bless!


  1. How fun! I'm loving this series! You might also want to look at Eight Cousins or All of a Kind Family.

  2. Love this! You know, I've never read that book, just watched the Shirley Temple movie with my girlies and of course that leaves out all of this great commentary. Must read it this summer!