Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real Memorial Day!


We had a very low tide on Memorial Day, so with our daddy home we decided to go to Auke Bay right after breakfast to see if we could find any treasures along the shore.

Thank you for serving our country Daddy...

Kelp hair extensions are ALL the rage right now...


Every year our diocese has the pleasure of hosting students from St Vincent College (a small Catholic college in Latrobe, Pennsylvania) and every year we absolutely LOVE getting to know them.  We were very happy to share food and laughter and music over the campfire. 

Lots of hands for helping the littles out...


You see that humongous piece of ice called a glacier in the background? Yep...that water is VERY cold... 

It does not stop them.


We were so very proud of our puppy for taking her first REAL swim.  It was so much fun to watch her hesitate at first and then let that Labrador instinct kick in!

Good girl Nori!

God Bless! Be sure to check out the sweet post that celebrates littles at LMLD!


  1. Wow, Alaska is beautiful! Lots of us all over the country spent the weekend by the water! Thanks to your family for the sacrifices you make for our country. Glad to find your blog from the link-up!

    1. Thanks Blair for such a nice comment. Yes, I would have to agree Alaska IS "Wow" beautiful!

  2. Oh my goodness...that glacier in the background is so beautiful!!!

  3. And, thank *you*, for your service to our country! You do an admirable job of keeping the home fires going with such joy! :-