Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real --- God Bless America!

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be a Patriot.  My husband and I have been reading Anthony Esolen's "Ten Ways to Destroy Your Child's Imagination," and it is  Of the MANY things he writes about that will BEND your mind in so many ways, he devotes a chapter to patriotism and he also writes about a child having a sense of place.  With our family being quite nomadic in the Coast Guard, I am appreciating this need for "place."  I am so thankful we have two more years to enjoy Juneau in  this Southeast Alaska place.  I also was very happy that we were blessed to have time vacationing in the outer banks of Virginia after my sister's wedding.  We also spent some time with family in the Northern Neck where my husband is from, where he has a strong sense of place.

 We hope to raise littles with a deep love for this great country of ours.  

Beautiful America...I love you...



Are you wondering...Stephanie, how on earth do you keep an 18 month old boy HAPPY on a plane ride from Alaska to Virginia???

Well...hmmm...let's just say it is one of those days where you are in "Virtue of Patience" boot camp.  

But you can buy SOME time with these neat games...

"Rip the Complimentary Magazine Apart and Roll Them Into Tiny Balls" basketball, with a complimentary airline cup as the basket...

And bring a box of band-aides...they are fun too.


We don't have cable at home and are not big tv watchers to begin with, so on vacation it can be a real treat to sit after a day in the sun and find a nice show to River Monsters (on Discovery Channel I think).  However, one should NEVER watch a show called River Monsters when they are by a body of water.  No girls, don't be silly we told them as the show explained how giant stingrays have been known to drag unknowing human victims by the barb in their tails into the water (ahhh! quick turn the channel!)....sting rays aren't in these waters...I tell them...and myself...

well my friends, God has a sense of humor because the very next morning we found THIS...

on the beach.  I really have to brush up on my science and marine life facts.  Luckily, my girls are some hard core nature nerds and they were excited about finding this guy.


ER visit on the first day at the beach because my 31 year old husband is really just a big kid in disguise (he was skim boarding and sprained his ankle).  God is so good though and it healed very quickly! 

Have a safe and happy Independence Day! Also make sure to check here for more images of our beautiful America! God Bless!

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  1. Kudos to you on that plane ride- that was always my most dreaded component of the Irish adventure. I'm glad your husband healed well and that your girls have such a marvelous sense of scientific inquiry! Should you need another kid science show at some point- mine are completely adoring Kratt's Creatures!