Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real...Two Sheep

Thank goodness for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real! I want to keep things going in this little corner of the web and wow when I don't have a completed post it is nice to reflect on moments.


White wonderland here in Southeast Alaska...

The Governor of Alaska opens up his home every Christmas season with treats and goodies.  So we enjoyed meeting the Governor and his wife and getting to go inside the White House of the North.
So pretty I think...


For St Lucia's Feast Day the girls and their friends went to Mass and then served cookies and hot cider to everyone. Red and green and happy.


The girls made these guys and they are a sweet reminder of the fun we have homeschooling...


Can I share an atrium moment with you?

Two Mondays ago I settled down next to a sweet five year old girl in our atrium who wanted to work with the Good Shepherd parable, specifically the Found Sheep.

I have been part of the Catachesis of the Good Shepherd training since April and have been in our parish's atrium since September, so I'm a rookie. My own daughters are "seasoned" atrium children of this absolutely holy beautiful work. this little girl was preparing the sheepfold she said to me, "Miss Stephanie, today two sheep are going to go missing from the sheepfold."

Ok. I had a smile on my face but my insides were panicking...just a little. I wanted to say, "That's so sweet, but the parable says one goes missing and He leaves the 99 to find the ONE." You know, you just want things to be as they should be when you are new to these things.

However, we follow the lead of the child and I sat and watched as one sheep went under the prayer table across the atrium and another went in a corner.

We settled down to read the parable and she said with a brightness in her eyes, "Miss Stephanie, don't worry, He will be able to find both sheep."

I read, in the glow of Christmas lights in our atrium,

What man among you having a hundred sheep and losing one of them would not leave the ninety-nine in the desert and go after the lost one until he finds it?

The Good Shepherd did find the first sheep under the prayer table, and he placed this sheep on his shoulder.  The two dimensional wood cut outs of the Good Shepherd do allow the children to have the shepherd carry a sheep.

And when he does find it, he sets it on his shoulders with great joy...

But the Good Shepherd had two to find this time, and the little girl took the Good Shepherd to the corner for the other one. The second one. I just watched and then was in awe of what was proclaimed to me by the child,

"The Good Shepherd can't put this sheep on his shoulders but its ok Miss Stephanie, the sheep knows the Good Shepherd's voice, so he is going to follow him back (to the sheepfold)."

And I watched as both sheep made it back to the sheepfold and were safe. The little girl and I were both very content and at peace.

Later the Holy Spirit gave me the gift of a reflection...that perhaps these two sheep were a married couple...or Stephanie and Justin.

God Bless You this Advent as we wait for the Good Shepherd.

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