Friday, March 29, 2013

Holy Thursday

Every Holy Thursday for the past three years I have made it my mission to be at Eucharistic Adoration at our Church.  The night that we remember Jesus in agony, alone in the garden...before His Passion...I have ALWAYS felt that we should keep watch with Him.

And Mass holy beautiful...I just LOVE Holy Thursday Mass, and yes I did spend it out in the Narthex with the youngest two littles.  I kept thinking...its ok...I will have my time with Jesus tonight.  Our time...I look forward to this every year.

Its 8:45 pm and we load the littles in the van...and we drive home...and on the way I tell Justin how I plan on going to Eucharistic Adoration later in the night...because the Blessed Sacrament is exposed until midnight...and I'm always there.

I've always been there for three years.


"Stephanie, you can't."

"If the baby wakes up he'll need you.  He'll be hysterical if he can't nurse and you know he won't take a bottle.  I mean I guess you can take him, but I just don't think this is a year you can do it.  I know how much it means to you."


I was looking out the window and I saw tvs on in the houses that we drove by.

Who am I Lord that you speak to me in these ways? That you show me how to love you.  I immediately know...I'm not going to make a fuss.  I'm not a saint, but I do know that as a mom and die to things.

I died to the desire.

"Are you ok?" Justin asked...unsure of the silence. "Are you upset with me?"

"I'm wonderful," I said.

Then...I thought...and said...

Who are we that God chose us to be part of this? On such a holy night...we know it is holy.

We were in communion with others and with Jesus.  Do you see as we drive around these we are the ones out...we got to participate in ETERNAL tonight?

How is it that He chooses us?

Thank you God for the gift of our faith.  Thank you for placing these desires on my heart...for taking me there...a holy longing.

It's 1112 pm.  I'm at peace.  God wants me home.  God wants this more than trying to be difficult with my husband and whine or worse...sneak out.  God wants this more than dragging my little baby out of slumber into a cold car to drive to Church.  God knows the desires of my heart .  That I LOVE so much this one night of the year.  So...for me to have to give up this desire...this is my gift to you on Holy Thursday Jesus.

It's little and not much, but its for You.

So I'm posting this Saturday morning because my baby boy did end up waking up at 1145 looking for me, wanting to nurse.  I fell asleep with him.  Maybe this whole giving up the way you thought things should be is something you are good at doing already.  I feel like I have been giving up things I want as a mom of littles for awhile...but that now...I'm giving up these things with joy.  This gives me peace.  I think the attitude...of having a sweet gift to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God Bless...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PHFR Holy Week

I don't mean to be one of the first people to link up to the Like Mother, Like Daughter PHFR posts, but I'm still awake here in the Last Frontier. We have our own time zone!

This is the week that changed the world!

So fun to say.

Almost as fun as watching the snow melt here and saying in a low whisper...Aslan is on the move. (Dorky I know but I'm OK with dorky).


Sunday evening my dear friend Angela needed help throwing a party for the Eastern Oregon University Choir who gave a performance here in Juneau during their spring break.  Her daughter Emily has an amazing voice...please take a listen to her praise song.  So beautiful.  Justin LOVES it.

Pretty voice:

 So Emily orchestrated (I'm so musical!) this whole Alaska trip and Angela knew that after the show Sunday evening these 60 young talented adults would be hungry and would need a place to eat...and would need to feel old church hall, rally friends who are potluck pros...and we have a party!  We had a little Alaska theme going on...

Pretty decor:

Xtra Tuff boots, Old Man's Beard and spray painted gold rocks

Oh my! A whale near the strawberries!

Little boot


It was so special to bring some of these beautiful flowers home from the party and give them a sweet spot in mason jars on my island of stability (a.k.a my kitchen table). 
I love our Blessed Mother. I love Palm Sunday.  


So, I was trying to do something in the kitchen and he was under foot and I thought...I know...he loves his toothbrush! So he sat with his toothbrush for awhile with the water drizzling at the kitchen sink so I could finish whatever I was doing.
 I'm THAT clever!

Rapunzel's hair is sooooooo long.


They should be in bed...

but they are lost in sisterland.

God bless!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - March

I have some pictures to share that weren't necessarily taken this week...but looking at them does give me that good, abundant still counts right?


This pretty makes me laugh. My not so fancy Olympus Tough camera (it is sand, waterproof, drop proof, etc)....has some rather fancy picture options.  With my digital camera skills (I have none) I used the "beauty" setting (unintentionally) while taking this picture 

The sparkles remind me of angels though! 


My seven year old received the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturday in preparation for her First Communion in May. I hugged her when she came out of the confessional, a good deep, I'm proud of you and I love you hug.

 At my daughter's request, we celebrated this beautiful Gift from God with a sushi dinner.   I am getting pretty good at whipping the rolls up...nori and rice and cucumber and roll it up..bam!  I even found a box of twelve fortune cookies for $2.00 at the store. We were told by a friend who was told by a friend that Catholics aren't supposed to read fortune cookies. That is no fun! So we were rebels and thoroughly enjoyed them, especially the Chinese translations of English words on the was educational!

This is special. I am HAPPY that just having dinner together, with a candle lit and throwing up a strand of Christmas lights is celebration enough for us.  


So, we have a handful of Barbies in our home????  Eh...I have mixed feelings about them.  I do love how the girls are always making huge elaborate families with them.  And these families have to get around since I won't fork over $80.00 for Barbie accessories, my girls get creative.

This was from October before we moved...see my little wearing the Halloween shirt...
...aren't you glad I shared? 

She seems so pleased with this whole endeavor. Which car would you go for? 
I like the snow boots, seems safe.


So, wow....after three daughters God blessed us with a son. 

And oh how I love this boy. 

He has stolen my heart...and he CLIMBS! 

I have never had a baby that climbs before. I mean, if all gets a little too quiet...I know....

Oh my gosh, why would I snap a picture when I should be making sure he doesn't fall off the table!?!? 

Because...he is just so boy.  I LOVE this.

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