Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Family Sara Liked Best

In the evening, when she passed houses whose windows were lighted up, she used to look into the warm rooms and amuse herself by imagining things about the people she saw sitting before the fires or about the tables.

It always interested her to catch glimpses of rooms before the shutters were closed.

There were several families in the square in which Miss Minchin lived, with which she had become quite familiar in a way of her own.  The one she liked best she called the Large Family. She called it the Large Family not because the members of it were big - for indeed, most of them were little - but because there were so many of them.

There were eight children in the Large Family, and a stout, rosy mother, and a stout, rosy father, and a stout, rosy grandmother, and any number of servants.

The eight children were always either being taken out to walk or to ride in perambulators by comfortable nurses,

or they were to drive with their mama, or they were flying to the door in the evening to meet their papa and kiss him

and dance around him and drag off his overcoat and look in pockets for packages, or they were crowding about the nursery windows and looking out

and pushing each other and laughing

in fact, they were always doing something enjoyable and suited to the tastes of a large family.

We LOVE Sara.

Do you like this sharing? I'll keep my eye out as we read for little literary nuggets for our Large Family Vision. Leave it to the classics to give us the direction we need, right? God Bless!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real Smores!

We like smelling like campfire.

Pretty Yummy

Mmmm...honey that one's mine right???

Kind of looks like the smores has legs and could walk away if I didn't have such a firm pinch on it.


My husband whipped up a fire pit at our new home over the weekend now that the snow is gone.  We had our first fire Sunday evening.

Serious smore skills going on here.

I like all this very much because it is still the Easter season and that Holy Easter Fire sure is something to celebrate.


He toddled about in his own way that has won over the hearts of our whole family.



Maybe someday they'll all look...but then...that might mean there wouldn't be a little...
and THAT is no fun!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Laurie's View

Happy Easter!  Oh this is so exciting!

I have decided I wanted to use this blog to share some Large Family Vision inspiration from literary friends here and there because I just think that's how I'd like things to go here at Littles Make the World Go Round.

I've got another post in the works to continue on my NFP journey, having left off with this post and this post on my LOVE for the Eucharist.  However,  I'm all over the place in my draft and I thought...there is no rush...the Holy Spirit works slow (LOVE).  So, with this Large Family Vision, I'm not quite sure, with the unique imprint God's hand has had on our family...what OUR family will look like in a decade...or three...but I know the general feeling, atmosphere I'd like to build with His help.  I feel a bit unsure how to express at times in words this...home...but I find small gems in the classics that do the explaining for me...and I can't help but love them.

So...a little vision from Louisa May Alcott...

"No; I came to amuse you. Shall I read aloud?" and Jo looked affectionately toward some inviting books nearby.

"Thank you; I've read all those, and if you don't mind, I'd rather talk," answered Laurie.

"Not a bit; I'll talk all day if you'll only set me going.  Beth says I never know when to stop."

"Is Beth the rosey one, who stays at home a good deal, and sometimes goes out with a little basket?" asked
Laurie, with interest.

"Yes that's Beth; she's my girl, and a regular good one she is, too."

"The pretty one is Meg, and the curly-haired one is Amy, I believe?"

"How did you find that out?"

Laurie colored up, but answered frankly, "Why, you see, I often hear you calling to one another, 

and when I'm alone up here,

I can't help looking over at your house, 

you always seem to be having such good times.  

I beg your pardon for being so rude, but sometimes you forget to put the curtain down at the window where the flowers are; and when you all round the table with your mother; her face is right opposite, and it looks sweet behind the flowers, I can't help watching it.  I haven't got any mother you know," and Laurie poked the fire to hide a little twitching of the lips that he could not control.

The solitary, hungry look in his eyes went straight to Jo's warm heart.  She had been so simply taught that there was no nonsense in her head, and at fifteen she was as innocent and frank as any child.  Laurie was sick and lonely; and, 

feeling how rich she was in home-love and happiness,

she gladly tried to share it with him.  Her face was very friendly and her sharp voice unusually gentle as she said, "We'll never draw the curtain any more, and I give you leave to look as much as you like.  I just wish, though, instead of peeping, you'd come over and see us.  Mother is so splendid, she'd do you heaps of good, and Beth would sing if I begged her to, and Amy would dance; Meg and I would make you laugh over our funny stage properties, and we'd have jolly times.  Wouldn't your grandpa let you?"

Anyone else a fan of Little Women

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Alleluia!


Our Easter Sunday morning "we just stuffed ourselves with Nutella covered waffles and sausages" walk was beautiful. I love the lingering clouds.

Look at the face of this boy made in His image.

Our puppy getting tired.

Our seven year old jumping.


Yay for blue fingers!!

Easter vigil!

Easter morning!


I should have known the hanging birds would have been too great a temptation.


I was looking at our Holy Thursday pictures and how nice it all turned out and I got a call from my dear friend Krysten who said she loved them too. And I thought...I need to make sure I share the picture I took after Tarzan smashed a mason jar on the floor.  Just trying to keep it real here :)

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter...and...I finished Les Mis!

 Our Easter is snowy and rainy and all over the place and so good and so very full of joy.  
We are Easter people.  

Here we are making Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday.  This is the only baking I really do during the year.  I'm serious.  I am the add water to cake mix baker.  I am the slice dough and use cookie cutters sugar cookie maker.  I like this picture because you can see my three old's lips slowly starting to say the word "turn." My turn! She wants to stir. I think with Justin on a boat next year, my eldest daughter and I decided maybe we could try our hand at baking more.
My two older girls went to the Stations of the Cross at the Shrine of St Therese on Good Friday with Justin and some friends.  When everyone came home they had this waiting for them.

The sticks "bloom" on Easter morning.

This guy was also waiting for them.  Look at all that Hot Cross Buns flour mess all over him. 

Holy Saturday we dyed our eggs. 

The Easter Triduum is so rich already, but I have come to the conclusion that this year was especially RICH because Justin and I were the sponsors of good friends of ours who became Catholic.  So many beautiful memories from the Easter Vigil Mass.  After the shepherds visit the Infant Jesus, I really love how Luke 2:19 says:

And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.

I have so much to reflect on. Putting it in words sometimes just doesn't work, so you keep it close in your heart and praise God for the Gift.

This is the look of tired mixed with abundance and joy and a sense of completion mingled with a new start.
My  three year old  was not with us but the girls were so well behaved and Tarzan slept the entire vigil....
and I held him...yes.
After the vigil while all the littles were sleeping we decorated so that the house would feel like EASTER in the morning.  I know all the stores probably have their July 4th stuff out already but we are JUST putting our Easter decor UP. A long wonderful Easter season...our Mother Church is SO good to us.

See the sticks bloomed!

We took a walk after our Easter Sunday morning brunch. 

We had an open house in the later afternoon for our newly Catholic friends.  I think it went well, a good Fezziwig feeling.  Visit again for more on the Fezziwig spirit in another post that has been in the works for quite sometime.


Oh! And I finished Les Miserables by Victor Hugo! I have been reading this classic since last Easter. Poor Jean Val Jean was in the sewers of Paris FOREVER right around February, early March.  I felt like he was standing in my kitchen all gross and stinky with Marius slung over his shoulder saying..."Please Stephanie, pick up the book and let's get on with things now." I loved every word.  
I just started The Age of Innocence. 

I need to keep writing about my NFP journey, but I mentioned toward the end of my last NFP post that I got into a bit of a judging I kind of dread writing about it.  

So that's why I decided to share some of my Easter!
Happy Easter! He is Risen! Alleluia!