Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


Ok, I have a bit of an obsession with my front porch right now.  I get this way sometimes about things...the way braided bread might look "just so" on my table. The way the popcorn garland looks "perfect" on my Christmas tree.  My girls tease me, "Mommy???? Are you admiring your porch again???"

The red geraniums remind me of Beatrix Potter and England.  The mommy troll is holding her little baby troll in a sweet basket and she reminds me of my Grandma Marilyn in Ohio, who used to have a troll that my sisters and I were so afraid of. Actually, when we had a full time nanny in Maine, she used to turn my mommy troll around on my fireplace so she wouldn't have to look at her.  I LOVE her though.  She's so sweet right by my door. The watering can is just for effect because...come now my friends...I live in Southeast Alaska in a rain forest...the watering can is completely unnecessary but kind of cute right?


I wanted to share more about my daughter's first Holy Communion.  She is wearing the dress that I wore and the dress that my mother wore.  This makes me so happy in the collective memory way.


We have a very cool playground with a nautical theme and I just love seeing my little guy's head peaking out here.


So I was packing up my van after our Mary May crowning last month and my friend Jennifer pointed out a little statue of our Blessed

Jennifer and I were laughing and she said it would make a good "Real" picture.  I thought about this little Blessed Mother here...why its so REAL to me.  I think because although I was happy that I could set up a nice display like this for the May crowning...

It is really all about this...

And they like popcorn. :)

God bless! Check out Rosie's post at LMLD.

Jane's Large Families

Jane Austen loved large families, probably because she came from one.  Perhaps being from a Large Family, she found the material and personalities to form some of the characters that we LOVE.  

I was in a Jane mood because I got these in the mail from my dear New England friend who is currently Alaska bound...

 and I was thinking about Large Family Vision as I skimmed through my collection of Jane's novels and I found a little delight in her introduction of the Musgroves in Persuasion. Jane loved sisterhood.

The Musgroves, like their houses, were in a state of alteration, perhaps of improvement.  The father and the mother were in the old English style, and the young people in the new.  Mr. and Mrs. Musgrove were a very good sort of people; friendly and hospitable, not much educated, and not at all elegant.  Their children had more modern minds and manners.

There was a numerous family; but the only two grown up, excepting Charles, were Henrietta and Louisa, young ladies of nineteen and twenty who had brought from school at Exeter all the usual stock of accomplishments, and were now, like thousands of other young ladies, living to be fashionable, happy, and merry.  

Their dress had every advantage, their faces were rather pretty, 

their spirits extremely good, their manners unembarrased and pleasant;

they were of consequence at home, and favourites abroad.  Anne always contemplated them as some of the happiest creatures of her acquaintance: 

but still, saved as we all are, by some comfortable feeling of superiority from wishing for the possibility of exchange, she would not have given up her own elegant and cultivated mind for all their enjoyments; and envied them nothing but

that seemingly perfect good understanding and agreement together

She is screaming...but I WANT THAT ONE!!

that good-humored mutual affection,

of which she had known so little herself.

It's OK Anne if you had lousy sisters and clueless will have the handsome Captain Wentworth to have your own large loving family with!

Thanks for reading! This is fun for me. God Bless!