Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


Justin and I went kayaking to the glacier for a date night.  The glacier is always moving and melting and there is a certain cave in the ice that adventurers can go into.  I did not go all the way in, as I saw my children's beautiful faces pressed upon my mind, should the ice move while I was in the cave. It was exhilarating though and the blue of the ice is a Blessed Mother blue.

Ahhh...take a quick selfie and get out of the cave!


Late summer lake swimming makes us all very happy...cold...but happy.



Wow, you have your hands full?! Are those some neighborhood kids or all they all yours?  Oh so you finally got your boy! Are you done or are you going to have more?

Lord, thank you for each one. Thank you so much for choosing this family for these littles. 
You are so Good. 
Trust in the One Who gives GOOD GIFTS.

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