Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real January Happenings

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What is it with little boys in comfy sweaters that just brings a smile to my face!?!


These are more "fun" over "funny" but we had a blast sledding on Sunday.  My husband carved a sledding course through one of the campsites in the campground behind our home.  
The girls call it the "Avalanche Shoot."  


My eight and six year old are enjoying downhill home-school skiing lessons at Eaglecrest.  They are hooked!  Did you all know that the state of Alaska pays you $1700 per child per school year for lessons and curriculum for home-school? Reason 4890 that I love living here. We were able to find used skis and those are their bike helmets, but that's what I LOVE about the outdoor culture here in Juneau.  
Come as you are! Fancy gear not required! Come enjoy the mountain! 

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  1. Ooh, I love that sparkly snow! Reminds me of my childhood growing up in the Northwest Territories! Winter is so beautiful - and fun - when it is just left to be winter! (We live on the east coast of Canada now, and our winters are always a mix of snow and rain and cold and not-so-cold.)

  2. Hi Lindsey! Wonderful about your childhood in the Northwest Territories! January has actually been a bit rainy this year, but you're right, when winter is just left to be winter it is so awesome! It took us four years of living here but we finally know how to "get out" and go in winter (nordic skiing, etc.). It has made all the difference, we now look forward to a good snow in winter almost as much as we want a sunny day in summer!

  3. Love it! We sure miss the homeschool program (and the skiing). We hope to be back soon! :)

  4. Well...I don't think I'd survive in Alaska but that homeschool credit sure sounds tempting--what a blessing!! And that sled run looks fantastically fun.

  5. We are all on such an adventure aren't we?? God bless you my friend :)