Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - February


 Hoarfrost is so pretty.

And I do think a sweet six year old adds so much beauty to this scene :)


Sometimes conditions are just so here in Juneau that the glacier lake behind our home freezes JUST right and we can ice skate! Our very own Sochi!


Our son LOVED being pulled and swung around by his hood on the ice....

And then released!

People often wonder how I homeschool...and I chuckle because I think "errr....the school you imagine in your head that we are doing is not necessarily OUR version of school."

For example, the girls have figured out how to skate figure eights, and we thought, "Perfect! that can be our math for today!"


I had a liturgical celebration fail this month (sigh). I forgot to bring candles to Mass on the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord, also known as Candlemass, also known as Super Bowl Sunday this year.  I usually have our Advent wreath candles somewhere in the bundles of candles before the altar to be blessed, but not this year.  I did, however, put out my thrift store plate with an image of the Feast of the Presentation on it.  ANNNNDDDD I put a candle on it (pat self on back)! My daughters forgave me that I didn't have special Candlemass desserts or traditions planned like we have done before.  We were all relieved that there is always next year, our Church is so good to give us a rhythm like that, a sense of security.

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  1. I loves this post Stephanie! I've nominated you for the "Sunshine Award!" I hope you don't mind!? Come check it out over at my blog. God Bless!

    1. Thank you Roxie! I don't mind! Thanks for all your kind comments :)

  2. Your children and the scenery are so beautiful! You have your very own Sochi!