Sunday, March 9, 2014


Thank you Roxie for nominating my blog for the Sunshine Award.  That a mama of eight beautiful children would even think of me in this way is a much needed boost for me right about now.

Here are 10 tidbits about me:

1.  I am a Navy brat.  My father's career in the Navy took our family all over the East Coast.  I don't know where to say I am "from" but I do love Juneau, Alaska where I have lived with my own family for almost five years.  I wonder if Juneau can just adopt me and I can say I'm from here.

2.  I love reading.  I can hole myself up in used book stores for hours.  I always have about five books going on at one time.  I selfishly home school my children because it is another excuse to READ wonderful children's literary classics that I never got to read.  I just read The Little Prince for the first time!

3.  I love watching period films, all things BBC, etc.  I do love my Jane Austen movies.  I of course love the novels, but something about seeing those manners and civility, the dress and dancing, the restraint of two lovers on the big screen...well...a five hour version of Emma or seven discs of Pride and Prejudice just doesn't seem long enough. 

4.  I am addicted to coffee creamer.  I mean of course I have a little coffee with the creamer, it just gets chilly here in Alaska during the winters or on particularly rainy days. I like peppermint mocha creamer the best.

5.  I like to dance (err...contra dance, when a caller tells you what to do).  I love Juneau because not only have I been able to go to my first opera here, learn to skate ski and eat smoked salmon...but...I have been able to attend some barn dances. These are fun! My lovely friend Angela and I share a birthday and so we go on our birthdays to dance.  Her handsome husband plays piano for the band and my handsome husband dances (but I do share him).  It's only once a year, and this year a gentleman said I was rather "jumpy" when I danced but I think it's because I'm so stupidly excited to be dancing in an old fashioned fun way. See number 3...I like period films and there is ALWAYS dancing.

Look there is Doug playing piano see!

6.  I cannot play a musical instrument.    But this is ok! My strategy has been to surround myself with people who CAN play.  My husband plays guitar and my eight year old daughter plays violin and my six year old daughter plays piano.  I want to foster a love of music and I think singing, musical families have fun rocking out together.  We love musicals too and we belt out songs in our home regularly.  

7.  How I Met My Husband.  We were cadets together at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy! After our summer from the monumental shift of being a swab (freshman) to a third class cadet (sophomore) I wanted to see my friend Russ after a long three months away from school (we were sailing on a tallship across the Atlantic Ocean). Russ was in my company, Delta company, and I knocked on his door but his tall handsome roommate answered....and his name was Justin. We married three weeks after we graduated from CGA and I scratch my head sometimes as to how on earth I made it through a military academy...and I know its by the grace of God that I needed to meet this guy...

8.  I follow the Catholic Church's teaching on being open to life. That husband and I do.  I started this blog because I think some women, by the grace of God, are in marriages that are called to this holy teaching.  I don't blog about how to use NFP...there is enough writing out there about that... but I do blog about my own journey on how God continues to support us in this way of life. And if you read my NFP posts...I tell you my is the Holy Mass and the Blessed Sacrament that is the Support!

Hmmmm....2 more!!!! Geesh...

9.  I keep a journal.  Writing in my journal is a form of prayer for me. A blog is one thing, but I have kept journals since college, and I do with every pregnancy. I love going there with the pen and paper, the Lord has really spoken to me when I can get in those pages.

10.  Teffa.  My name is Stephanie, but my family somehow got "Teffa" out of it and it is a funny nickname that I sometimes hear on the phone calls I get here in the Last Frontier.  Actually, my grandmother in Ohio just called me and said "Hi Feff." So Feff too. 

God bless.

* oh! And I am nominating Katy Rice as someone who "positively and creatively inspires others in the blogosphere."  Her work with children in the atrium is life changing!

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  1. What a wonderful compliment! You are a ray of sunshine, for sure! What a neat way to meet your husband. I love the way that things work in this wonderful world of ours. I wish we lived closer. :)

  2. Hi Stephanie, you have a beautiful blog. how you met your husband is really cool. Me too a Jane Austen Fan. God bless u n your family