Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - Spring Vacation

Blessings! We have been on vacation in the Lower 48 visiting grands and great grands!  I have a few pictures to share today and I have a bit of a Lenten reflection going on in my brain that I hope to jot down soon.  I kept thinking on vacation as we did a premature Easter egg hunt with cousins

and had way to much sugar

that we weren't really focusing on Lent.  However, when you live far away from family....everyone just wants fun and memories crammed into the little time we have.  


I'm not sure if you can see this doll house very well.  It is thirty years old and was made by my Great Aunt Virginia.  Lovingly constructed with cardboard, furnishings and fabrics, it was very pretty to my four year old.  She played with it for two hours straight!


We went to Aunt Joanna's littles couldn't have been more 
happy playing with a cooler full of spring chicks!

The gloves eventually came off...chicks are 
TOO SOFT to try to enjoy with gloves on, but they must have washed their hands fifty times :) 
(imagine me gently reminding them every time they emerged from the cooler).


At our hotel in Seattle...

George Washington's birthplace in Virginia...

(He was a surveyor you know!)


Many military families have the choice with their vacation time to either visit family or not.  Many of us choose family, we do, even if spring in Virginia and Ohio means we won't be coming back with nice tans.  Traveling with four littles is quite a "task", and God in his goodness provides, because in the end the money, time and energy is well spent. These are my wonderful grandparents so happy to have their great grandchildren around :) 

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