Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real & Closer to God's Word

Praise God! I say this after reading Chapter Six of The Little Oratory...because this little chapter is filled with the rich message of GIFT.

Our Father, the Beggar of Love who knocks at our door (St Therese), gives us total gift in His Holy Scripture.


He is serenading us with Gift everywhere,

  the abundance is without measure..

"Reading God's word is a way to pray, to speak to God and hear what He has to say to us. Reading Scripture is an encounter with God."


I always have an agenda it seems. Perhaps this stems from the the craving I have for order in the day. I like the secure feeling I have in my illusion of control or at least when I have even a vague idea of what will happen NEXT. To be honest...when I approach Scripture, there is a pride about me that wants a "happy" feeling, a nice warm and fuzzy to happen. If I sit down and read this parable, I will surely gain something. 

It is exhausting to always be searching for results. 

What a nice reminder throughout this chapter that the Holy Spirit works slowly.

"God will speak to you. Little by little, you will become aware of a whisper or an inner certainty. It may not be at the very time you are reading, but it will come."


And even if the work of this little whisper and inner certainty is slow, what we need to realize is that it wasn't by our "working" and "reasoning" that fruit comes from it. God sees to when the Gift happens, which the authors point out is especially true in contemplative prayer. 

Funny how we could even begin to think we could "get" results with our own efforts.

"It (Contemplative prayer) is passive only in the sense that it is a state of mind that is 
given to us as a gift."

"As a gift from God, it is given to whomsoever He pleases and 
for reasons beyond our understanding."

Peanut butter and fluff face
"We cannot draw conclusions about how well we've prayed or our level of spiritual development. God either gives or He doesn't. Contemplation is not a reward...

Blueberry face is something that simply either happens or not, and over which we have no control."


I truly believe in the the purposeful background work of the home and as my family grows and grace flows, I appreciate the fruits of the slow background work. 

Even just to have dinner for the newlyweds who are back from honeymooning in Rome, to have an atmosphere conducive to sharing and laughing takes a fair amount of background work.

It is humble but I was quite pleased with it.
The Liturgy of the Hours and engaging in God's Word is holy, grounding background work. The background work that makes the mustard seed grow into a large solid tree. The background work of the yeast that bids the bread to rise.

"Good things may be happening without our awareness, just as we see that children's bodies grow without their knowledge of the process."

I wish the littles were looking at pictures from Italy but
 they were googling baby duckling images and cracking up.

Slow background work.

She said, "Look! I'm the Phantom of the Opera."
In our achievement oriented society, we like instant results, we're antsy for things to happen now...and usually to happen OUR way. Do I really demand from the WORD OF GOD to be immediately enlightened?(I want to wear glasses that make me look really smart and sip my coffee mocha chai tea and say things like, "profound" and "insightful,")

"The worry might be that sometimes we don't seem to have drawn profound lessons or thoughts to react to. A wise monk of our acquaintance offers the salutary advice that quite often this happens to him; he doesn't think it is anything to worry about. 
He simply praises God for his chance to hear His Word."

When we receive a GIFT like...oh maybe a moment..a our day when we can actually sit with His Word. WOW! As I said, "PRAISE GOD!" how thankful I am to just be given a prompting to just sit and listen to what He has to say to me. 

Thank you for reading and be sure to head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for more PHFR and more on The Little Oratory.

God Bless!


  1. I love your insights about "background work." I've been thinking about that very thing (but didn't have the right name for it until I just read it here!) Your table setting is lovely!

    1. Thank you Jaime! So good to know that you are doing some good background work, it is going to change the world. :)