Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real in September

Just stopping in for the Like Mother, Like Daughter Thursday link up! I changed up my blog colors for autumn (so high tech of me yes!).


We've been enjoying walks in the campground behind our home.


We are happy to see this gate blocked off. This means the campground is closed until May of next year. We get to roam and I can send the littles down to play in the campsites closest to our house without worrying about cars or strangers. The dog can be off leash...err...see my real why this isn't such a great IDEA.


This is the "I wipe my runny nose on my sleeve and won't let my mom put Vaseline on me" mustache look. Does your toddler sport one of these?

He loves his glasses his big sissie made for him!


Being all preggo and in my last trimester I was enjoying a walk with littlest ones the other day...

And you lab there, Nori...she just gets into things. As we were walking home from our peaceful stroll, Nori went down an embankment. With my large belly, there was just NO WAY I could follow after her without being stranded down there. Picture me, in my state, desperately calling from the edge, "No Nori! Come Nori! Please NO NORI!!" as I watched my dog roll around in a salmon carcass and eat it. Ah yes, the adventures for the Southeast Alaskan dog....bears to bark at in the front yard in the early morning, porcupines to "investigate" and yes....STINKY DISGUSTING DECAYING SALMON to rub all over their bodies. 

My husband was away with my two eldest daughters for his brother's wedding (just too long a trip with the littles and being so far along) but...I did make Nori stay in her kennel until he got home the next day. I felt sorry she had no idea why I wouldn't let her come inside the house, but to say the garage smelled of dead fish is a gross understatement.

So my poor husband, the first item on his "honey do" list was bathe the dog.

REAL love my friends. My husband didn't complain or gripe, he just knows what needs be done and does things. Love you Justin xxoo.

Thanks for dropping in! Peace to you in your home! 

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