Friday, November 21, 2014

She is Here!

Our Little Flower decided to join our family out here on October 31...that's right...we got a treat! Are we happy to have our new little sister?


From that last week of being pregnant all the way to sitting here, I have been entering into one lesson after another in the wisdom of HIS timing. I have witnessed how He orchestrates all. I have to say, I have truly felt alive as I simply trust Him in these fragile new beginning days.

New beginnings of being a mother of five but also new beginnings in just being the mother of this one...

I can't help but want to start to share some things with all of you...going beyond birth stories and even an All Saint's Day miracle I'd love to write and reflect upon...I first want to lift my words in a prayer of Thanksgiving.

We have been so lovingly cared for by the Juneau Catholic Community here and by our Coast Guard family.

In Juneau many of us have our extended family in the Lower 48 so we know...being a city that can only be reached by sea or plane...that our closest kin aren't always a town over. You find yourself "making" family.

Maybe YOU don't actually make it, it is more...the weaving of the Holy Spirit...His incredible handiwork.

This is not to say that you forget your own blood's just...

Janet held a wet wash cloth behind my neck while I was in labor.

Jana watched my children for an evening and two days while we were at the hospital only to have Angela also pick up a night after our sweet girl had a little breathing scare and an All Saints' Day miracle.

Cheryl snuck an 18 count egg carton into my fridge.

Ellen and Angela washed and folded loads of laundry.

Jennifer made sure to have a priest visit our home with the Holy Eucharist because we missed Mass on All Soul's Day.

Nicole made our daughter a quilt...

We had meals...for two weeks...delivered to our home. For two weeks we felt the pure joy of presenting our daughter to our friends and then feasting on homemade deliciousness. The littles were whisked off to playdates with friends...and ice skating dates with daddy...

There was more, I can't even begin to name it was such abundance...I felt the abundance of this autumn season. I felt the fullness of a good harvest. And that is what Theresa means...



This was a very quick post and hello...there is much to reflect on and cherish. I am figuring out hour by hour our new normal and I'm not sure how this blog will fit into it.

Thank you for your prayers. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving xxoo