Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year! Mother Church is so good to us!

I absolutely love that we start our new year with a holy day of obligation to celebrate our Blessed Mother.

As we scrambled frantically to get ready this morning (the usual pre-Mass scramble), these thoughts of gratefulness were far from my mind. It was more while I was out in the narthex nursing a growing baby girl during the Mass that I felt a peace...

a generous to be fed with the Eucharist on this particular day. How nice also to gather as a community of very imperfect people to we go...a new year...let's gather at this Table and be so grateful and yes...let's do this together.

The Church seems to have a good grasp on when it is most necessary to gather, to feast and sing and be at leisure with our Heavenly Father.

I do want this to be a year of gratitude...of blessing the mess...of more prayer and intentional living. I want less yelling and more listening. I want to be very gentle with myself because this whole having five gig has been quite an adjustment.

Also, I want to keep blogging...

I won't say...oh its JUST a little blog...I've read recently that JUST is a very dirty word, we're going to drop it from our vocabulary this year, k?

I am currently reading this book...

and I have decided that this isn't JUST a blog. I don't have time to go too in depth, and I am only about 22% through (ha! Kindle) but I will say that Von Hildebrand's battle against Hitler has convinced me that the content of this blog, the audience and the blog's (hopefully positive) open to life message is just one more way for me to personally battle Hitler.
You say...
Hitler was defeated Stephanie. Hitler is dead and is a thing of the past.
Right...but the Antichrist, the Culture of Death rages today in every compromise we make for the sake of being lukewarm.
So...I promise to write more on this later...and this promise is more to myself...that in the year 2015 I will continue to fight Hitler by serving this family and helping bit by bit to build a life giving community that bursts through this home into other homes. Let us be the person who drops off Ginger Ale when a little one is sick (this was done FOR ME). Let us be the person who asks how the bagger at check stand nine is. Double the lasagna. Bring the trash can up the driveway for the neighbor. Change the baby's diaper and smile and coo at her the entire time.  
Make the effort.
Do the small acts with great love.  Continue to find ways to serve.
I write this as I look at...four...large hampers of unfolded clean clothes on my bed. My family needs clothes and they will feel so loved to have some clean ones available. 
Oh Stephanie you are just doing laundry.
Nope. Not here. No JUST here.
It is not JUST folding clothes anymore...we are battling Hitler my friends, because service with joy builds strong communities.

I am excited. I love sneaking in time to write at Littles Make the World Go Round and my blog certainly does read like an online journal...but it will suffice and it IS enough and I am thrilled that I have friends who will keep visiting this spot.
God Bless You in 2015.


  1. I am so proud of you for embracing your five little people! You are such an inspiration and blessing. I will also note that children over the age of 5 are very capable of putting away their own laundry and 3s and 4s can do it with a little help. :-)

    1. Thank you Becky! You are right on the putting away thing, I so often do stuff because I think I can do it faster and I just don't want to bother...but I DO need to delegate. God bless you! xxoo

    2. I *just* read the best quote about this and had to share it. "you are wasting time doing someone else's job." Mind, I think that this is an overstatement when we are talking about 6 year olds putting away laundry because you really are a lot more efficient about it but it's still an interesting spin on how to look at divvying up chores. :-)