Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - Juneau's January

Hi everyone! Yes, Juneau's January has been well below stellar...we are snow lovers you see. My kids can easily spend hours at a time in the snow. A huge bonus of homeschooling is keeping pajamas on under snow gear and going out to play first thing in the morning.
And so....we have NOT had as much snow as we would like but there have been some spurts...and tons of good ice skating on the lake behind our home.
We are most happy when playing outside. There is the general idea floating about that one has to get all their adventures accomplished before having children. Aside from the fact that having children is an AWESOME adventure in itself, my husband and I are believers in just taking littles WITH you. All of our ski/snow/skate gear is used. If you aren't concerned with being fashionable and don't mind old/used stuff...there is a world of adventure waiting for you.
Your adventures will take MUCH longer to start because of the putting on the gear ordeal...

But it is worth it in the end!
He just knows...he knows that he is cool.
used gear
"Look at me with the hockey!"
The baby slept in her car seat on the porch under the protection of Our Lady
and the little mama troll... we could have a snowball fight! This is the girl team fort.

Justin throws so hard! I would have been awesome too if I could actually aim. It was so much fun...and yes...two of the girls did get snow right in the face so we promptly decided ski goggles were a must when playing against daddy.

Thank you for stopping in! In other news...we finally got our Christmas tree down...yesterday...ha!
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  1. That first picture is amazing. Your children are blessed to have such fun-loving parents.

    1. Thank you Christine! Kids are our fountain of youth!

  2. I never though I would wish I was living in Alaska...

    1. Becky, I have to pinch myself at least once a day :)

  3. Wow, I'm blown away at how amazing. I love the ice skating, the snowball fight forts, and all the great photos. I honestly also never thought I'd love living in Alaska and now you've got me longing for a trip there.

    1. I never thought I'd love living here and it has ruined me...completely :)