Monday, January 26, 2015

Pro-Life is Being Good and Praying

Hello friends. This evening I wanted to share how my friend Janet was wonderful and took my girls to the steps of the state capitol Thursday here in rainy Juneau. They were participating in the rally for the National Day of Prayer to End the Legalization of Abortion. This was not my season to go with an infant in tow, but I was so very happy my nine and seven year old daughters went...they wanted to. They asked to go.

My daughters held up a sign with Janet's two youngest girls. My eldest made the inside cover of the Juneau Empire. These two photos and captions were the only coverage the rally got. I will keep myself from a this rally gets pathetic press coverage every year rant.

 Janet's girls are part of four siblings that she and her husband, Steve, adopted to become parents of seven. Their story is incredible and I feel so blessed to call them friends. Their story is pro-life.

Thursday was unusually busy. My girls were at art class and the rally and then a tea party. Being quite a homebody in our year of the baby, I missed them terribly. We decided we needed a good read aloud evening so we were very happy to snuggle and read The Princess and Curdie (our daddy is out on his boat).

We also talked about the rally.

We talked about abortion.

We talked about how much we loved our baby sister.

My girls didn't mention a certain encounter they had with a man at the rally. I'm glad it didn't make an impression on them, but it made one on me...good thing I have a blog right? ;)

When Janet had dropped the girls off back home that afternoon, she told me an elderly gentleman walking past the rally stopped in front of the girls and pointed his finger at them and said,

"Well, I hope when you girls are older you'll have the right to choose!"

The comment had gone over their heads.

Janet thought it was interesting that he chose to speak to the girls instead of an adult, but she didn't miss a beat as she replied to him,

"They will choose life."

Yes. Janet says things like that. It's awesome.
 I wished she could have explained too that her beautiful girls standing there with their cardboard signs in the rain were there because their birth mother chose life.
I want to be on the "good" side in history, when my grandchildren look back and know that we participated in these events in the "days when killing unborn children was legal." And yes we can say we went to these rallies but the real fight, the real part of being on the good side is...DOING good. Trying to better oneself and learn and KNOW good. Practice good.
Being good.
This particular rally occurs once a year and there is weekly picketing in front of Planned Parenthood here in Juneau. There are newsletters, campaigns, and outreach efforts.
Then there is being good...and choosing to live a life committed to building a culture of life.
There was a great flood and they needed an ark.
Yes, actively being good. I see this thread in Dietrich Von Hildebrand's My Battle Against Hitler and I said our read aloud is The Princess and Curdie...the same theme was in there too.  What should read these books...but we're in bloggy mode:
Bad things happen when good people don't do anything.

What to do...what to I sat in my home with my three littles...not at the rally.
Well...practice good.
Be good.
Share were you good?
Well (I'm not looking for applause here) but I sat down and read to my littles and nursed my baby. We read the usual spread of book bin classics and we snuggled and napped. I fed them lunch...peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
My friend Jennifer missed the rally too. She was probably feeding the three little girls at her home ages three and under. One of these little girls she babysits to help a friend out, a single mother. Jennifer probably read some books out of her book bin.
My neighbor probably didn't go to the rally either, it was during her two year old son's naptime. She is growing a baby in her belly. She might have laid down with him to catch a wink.
The girls playing with the baby.

It is not commonplace to care for young children. Our work is a hidden one and we certainly don't earn merit badges for number of socks matched in one day. Every time we meet the basic needs of our littles...and try to do even more for them...we are building a culture of life. We are doing something. We are actively doing good.
I can get click happy with my Kindle sometimes when it comes to books I want to read. I bought a book a few months back called Refuse to Do Nothing: Finding Your Power to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery. I pulled it up just now, it looks like I made it 15% through.
This is interesting I stopped at this point because I remember feeling like I couldn't relate to the authors not because I didn't believe in their cause but because I was just in a totally different season of my life.
This is the part I stopped at:
"In researching this book we interviewed people from everyday moms to those on the front lines in Cambodia to world leaders. We asked them, 'What would you tell the everyday American she can do to fight modern-day slavery?' Unanimously we were told, Pray."
I'm laughing...of COURSE that's where I stopped. I knew that is what I could do. I will pick this book 18 years maybe?
No, but seriously...PRAY.
It is what we can do for the pro-life movement.
We can actively pray while we care for our children. We can kiss them and wipe their dirty mugs clean and have a heart of thanksgiving.
We can tickle and blow sherberts on bellies. We can change onesies with all sorts of goodness up the back. We can accidently snip (not snip off just cut) the tip of a pinkie finger with toe nail clippers...
Maybe you already KNOW you do enough...that's great. I'm just saying that we can do enough...and then we can also build a culture of life by doing good and praying in the enough.
I pray my girls grow up to be pro-life. I pray that these rallies are a thing of the past. Maybe the man's statement of hoping my girls have the right to choose when they are older will be true. Wouldn't it be cool though, if it were true, that Planned Parenthood clinics would have to shut down anyway just because women weren't interested. And playgrounds were packed...


  1. Wow! This is beautiful. I cried while I was reading your post. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and feel as though a person can do nothing. Yes, we must live good lives and pray. Thank you for sharing, Stephanie!

    1. Thank you Kayla! I hope you are all enjoying your new little brother xxoo

  2. I am perpetually amazed at what a difference the seemingly simple act of prayer can make.