Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - February

I was a little whiney in my last PHFR in January because we were snowless. All the pictures of New England snow I see floating around make me so envious! Forecast said we should get some snow showers these next few days...pleeaaasseee! I will admit that last week we got a few inches, enough to ski. I have been doing my best to get the kids out everyday in this awesome Alaskan beauty...

The littles were so happy to have enough snow to build this guy...
Happiness is also being warm and snug against mommy...I have a great technique for getting the carrier off to keep her sleeping in her little vibrating chair. Maybe I will do a future tutorial post!

I'm not sure if you can see the older girls laughing, but this is the start our race around the fee station loop in the campground. My three year old's face is SO serious. He has a little competitive streak in him. We couldn't help laughing. I feel so blessed God gave us SUCH a very boy boy.

This is our front door entry...aka...hat, boot, coat, gloves...section?

Thanks for stopping by! Check out Rosie's post for more PHFR! xxoo

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