Thursday, June 18, 2015

See You in Virginia in the Fall!

Hello my friends! I'm not sure how much traffic I really get on my blog. I think some of you enjoy reading because I have made every effort to be as honest as I possibly can be on here.

So I am being honest now when I say that with this move coming up, I feel I cannot properly write. This blog is lingering in my mind and around 1030 at night when I'm all tired I see that..yep...I once again did not write the post I wanted to and it feels like one more thing I did not accomplish in my day.

I want to write more about NFP and life-giving love but I have some big "work" I am doing in my personal life, particularly as I navigate my relationships with my children.

Please pray for me! Thank you to all of my friends who so lovingly take the time to stop by here and give me such affirming feedback, thank you thank you.  I look forward to writing more from Virginia in the fall. God Bless xxoo