Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Fall "ish" Post

My poor summer heat loving husband does NOT LIKE that I do this...

before September 21st. He wants summer to stretch on and on and yet I defy him with pumpkin pancakes.

We have so many beautiful trees here.

This neighborhood is an older neighborhood and so the trees are so large and mature and like it or not, my husband did have to take leaves out of the skiff before we used it last Friday.

I was telling my neighbor a few weeks ago while I was bringing back pots and pans (or something that I borrowed) how much I love fall and am so excited for the reds, oranges and yellows and spices and breezes and leaf piles and....

She has three boys and her youngest son was standing there listening. At the pool that afternoon my neighbor said it was so funny because her son pointed out to her after I left their home, "I know Miss Stephanie loves fall, but mom, everyone loves fall."

Ha! This cracks me up. OF COURSE everyone loves fall! I think especially here after the hot muggy August days. I kind of do walk around like I'm the Queen of Autumn but at the same time I also secretly imagine that I am a Duchess ALL THE TIME. I also have friends who are upstairs people as well. 

The Queen of Autumn needs to find a plaid shawl to wrap around her so she can sit and watch  leaves fall and drink her coffee and snuggle with her baby.

My baby girl is so snuggly in the morning and I love how she stretches on me and nestles her head on me. It is truly heaven. We really have nothing better to do.

In a busy "go go go" world, have we forgotten the value of a long sit with a baby? As the fall sports gear up and clubs and lessons start, I resist so much the pull from this home.

I watch the huge grey squirrels scurrying all around these large oak trees and I know they have a spot where they keep what they have gathered.

 I have always loved the Beatrix Potter books because you could SEE what the small quaint dwellings of the woodland creatures looked like. Miss Tittlemouse and her well swept floor, Peter Rabbit's mother with her herbs hanging from the ceiling.

The squirrel nests (and my girls have knack for finding them) are out of reach and a wonder to me.
What do they do in their nest?

What do you do in your nest?

There is an intimacy in a home and a way a home feels and works that is very special to the family in it. Who may come in? Who reigns in the home? I find that if I have reverence for the sacred space of my friend's homes that they show the same for mine. I also find that as I respect the homes of others that I protect my sacred space as well.

Let me give you an example.

I am blessed to be in a circle of friends who are always having babies. We watch and support one another through seasons. We light our candles on our kitchen sink windows or tables when we find out the other is heading to the hospital or has called the midwife to her home. We wait in joyful anticipation.

Our phones light up with a buzz from the text: "Baby girl is here! Mom is doing well!"

 "Anthony is here! Mom and baby are resting!"

There is relief and praise and then we find out when mommy is at home or who will cover the first meal...and then...the privilege of bringing the meal is also the very great privilege of entering the sacred space of the family.

The home is warm. The baby is swaddled. Mommy is sitting. Big brother is playing with trains. Daddy takes the meal and places it on the counter. We wash hands. We get to hold Heaven. We chat. We share our joy. We are aware of our intrusion, as welcomed as it may be, that there is a balance in the lingering...because this is family time. This space is sacred. We take a load of laundry (oh how glorious this was when Ellen and Angela did that for me). We put our shoes on. We take one more glimpse at this Home.

We go back to our home.

And having been in another family's sacred space, we have a deeper appreciation for our own home. Our people. Our space. Even our mess.

Bless the mess.

Your children crowd around you and want to know about the new baby. Shouts of:

 Did you get a picture of your time in that home?

Can we see!?!? Can we see?!?!

When can we see the baby?!?

In a Facebook/Instagram world we all participate very differently in the lives of other people than we used to. Privacy and intimacy aren't even on the radar for some. We like to share our joy...and that is fine, but I have found that sometimes when I share...I lose some of that sacredness. Finding a balance in what we share, at least for me, has been a great meditation.

Even with this blog, I have had some major struggles with the pictures and the intimate story I have shared about my NFP journey on the web. A few weeks ago, I scrolled back to a post I had of my husband and son napping together in the morning...and I found looking at that picture and moment, that I was going to keep it to myself. So I removed it.

With this home, I want it to be welcoming and comfortable for all but I have a few introverts in my family...who like quiet, who like a small immediate family crowd. I have to remember this is their space, where they do their inner works and where they keep their acorns.

It is sweet to have a bit of mystery surrounding your home, a nest high up in a big oak that one can wonder about.
Maybe that's one of the reasons I love the grey sky of fall and the cooler mornings, because the natural world is a mystery to me as she gets ready to pull in for winter.


Thank you for reading. I love how you are in your own dwellings with your families. It makes me so happy that we can sanctify the world together in this way, through our homes.


Oh my goodness!

How much fun did you have watching Pope Francis' arrival today?!?! His smile gives me energy!

Blessings xxoo

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