Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My November Dance

I am sighing with you dear friends. Yes, this year's Halloween nearly wiped me out and I am learning, along with you I'm sure, how to keep those sacred days of All Saints' and All Souls'.

I love that the Church year wraps up this month. A month of gratitude and then a lovely Thanksgiving holiday to send us into Advent.

Yes, we are seasonal people.

Order has been on my mind. Particularly order in my home as we try to settle in from the BIG WORK of moving. I ache still for Juneau but its sweet really. I feel like that ache lets me know it was all real, those six years of love and friendship and mountain air.

I also keep taking baby steps here. Williamsburg has been gentle.


And yet if I were in Juneau or Williamsburg or wherever the Coast Guard sends us, I understand that yes there is the outside environment...but really I can keep the same inside environment. One box hauled out and one picture all means something to the well being of my dear people. Yes there is a different kitchen and different layout but the same things and same wonderful people.

I felt a sense of righting the home when I cleared away our Halloween decorations yesterday to let the home relax a bit before Advent and then Christmas. I am laughing though because I have to point out to my people my ritualistic "undoing of decorations."

How interesting that the other day as I was tidying up the kitchen and removing the decorations when a gathering of the neighborhood children that had been on the trampoline made their way into my home! I checked my mouth and raised my eyebrows (remember, raised eyebrows shows delight, shows interest!).

Of course my REAL initial instinct was to say "Hey everyone! Please stay outside!" in a tone that was a nice to see you but not really you all are trampoline sweaty and I am doing my November dance in here right now.

I'm not sure but my thoughts went to...act like this is perfectly normal and raise your eyebrows and count your words. My eldest and I grabbed a pitcher of water for all of their friends and I cracked open a large box of Cheeze Its. They had their snack and went outside with minimal interruption from me, but I was a presence and I was in the background and NOBODY CARED THAT I WAS ORDERING THE HOME A CERTAIN WAY.

I was reading last night this beautiful reflection from Everyday Encounters With God that Bert Ghezzi wrote,

"When mothers and fathers take delight in their children,
 we can easily imagine our Father taking delight in us."

He goes on to write,

"Mom delighted in nourishing our bodies - and in doing so, she nourished our spirits as well. No one could escape out house without eating. There was always pasta, pizza, fried chicken, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and walnuts, pineapple-filled bars, and butterscotch brownies. She presided over her bountiful table with cheerful warmth. My longtime friends still remember her lilting laughter, the sign of her joyful care and affection."

I gobbled this up, underlining it and now, retyping it HERE. These words do not point me to becoming a better cook, which I really do want to be! I just love the delight.

Cheerful warmth.

Joyful care.


We do not have to be baking from scratch, we could simply be opening a Cheeze It box, it is in the way we do it.

This was a small victory for me and it was a victory that was really in the presence of other children as well as mine.

I mean, I DO care that my children's friends feel welcomed, but I want MY CHILDREN to feel welcomed. I know they feel loved when our home is festive and well kept and comfy. I devour blogs, particularly Like Mother Like Daughter, studying the best way to execute home environment. However, it must be with joy.

Want to try keeping your eyebrows raised with me today? To our littles? To our spouse? How can we communicate our delight in them?

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Novemberings.


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