Sunday, December 6, 2015


My dear friend Angela made this beautiful table runner for decor at her son's wedding rehearsal this past June...well...not just THIS one...she made a bunch! I love this Northern Light fabric so much. When Angela initially showed me her idea to make these I just remember wishing I could have one. She is so good to me, because she gave me one as a gift. I love it for Advent! 

Also...I could not find a pink candle ANYWHERE. My eldest saved us by wrapping the white candle I found in pink ribbon. Advent save high fives all around! 

Our Lady of Guadalupe's Feast Day is approaching!

I set this puzzle out on a card table on Thanksgiving day since I hosted family this year here. I loved watching people sit at different times during the day to work on it. It was a dollar from a thrift store! And it is still out and not finished on a card table in my family room, but it is neat sometimes to just walk by and see if you get a piece in. I have only found two very water logged puzzle pieces in the sink, it will be tough to get those guys to fit.

Bye bye fall decor! 

Ornaments from a Jesse Tree exchange. I could not go to the actual trade evening but my new friend Karen gathered these for me and even bought me a festive box to put them in! Thank you Karen!


I have resisted putting up my tree, we usually wait until the pink candle.

It is extra hard this year.

I may cave.

Blessings on the feast of St Nicholas.

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