Monday, April 4, 2016

Liturgical Catch Up: St Patrick's Celebration

I take pictures for my blog and then the days pass and my life...which is a good kind of full...well...blogging kind of DOESN'T happen. But it does! Like I am doing it right now! So RIGHT NOW I am going to share some of our St Patrick's Day doings...

My children set traps this year for leprechauns.

This is the first time they have made these. I stressed out a I make green footprints with ink around the trap? And then...I think I cleaned the kitchen and conked out.

It was all fine! They told ME that they heard a tinkling in the night from the trap and that they saw something out of the corner of their eye. Whew! My kids have an imagination...problem solved!

I did have green milk and green pancakes and if you know me...which if you are reading this blog you know I LOVE my twinkle lights!

God was good to me in choosing a very kind and fun and loving kindred spirit to meet me here in Williamsburg. While I was plucked from Alaska, she was plucked from Colorado and we both moved here in August last summer. We have thirteen children between us. Our husbands are cut from the same cloth and just calls for some good times. Seriously...this whole raising big families together business really inspires Mary Clare and I to constantly be seeking ways to build Catholic Culture.

Yes. Catholic Culture...AND we are part of a Church that has an abundance of things to celebrate to build said culture...really...check out the free Catholic calendars they pass out in the many lives to celebrate...and one happens to be the patron of Ireland.

So Mary Clare had some festivities the Saturday AFTER his actual feast day and it was awesome...

A leprechaun visited the house at some point in the night. The kids (there were 21 total) rushed outside!

He left a gift!
Mary Clare serves with a smile on her face. We love the green juice (with pineapple chunks for gold).

It was hard to leave. The night did have to end. The fellowship between everyone present (four families, my friend from Maine, and our seminarian friend) was real. It was lasting.

As I think back about how wonderful it was to be together...I know deep down, that heaven is like that. Maybe it was just a taste but in HEAVEN I believe the goodness, the joy and laughter and singing doesn't end, you just get to keep being together, all of you so in love with Him.

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