Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Easter Photos & Dancing Jane


A little tradition that I have in our home is that every Easter Sunday morning a vase that was once full of sticks on Good Friday blooms to beautiful flowers. I have always purchased a large bouquet in the store and I kind of insisted on having lilies, but this year my eldest and I agreed since we live in Virginia now with flowering trees, we can make our own bouquet. I gathered these flowers at 1130 in the evening on Holy Saturday. I had no idea what color or type I was harvesting but I went hacking into the bushes of my yard in the dark,,,yes.

But I love it! My girls showered me with "good job mommy!" exclamations on Easter morning :)


My husband's aunt sent this along with his cousin to our Easter vigil dinner. Aunt Joanna could not come but what is so beautiful is her heart and the love she has for my children.

The bunny was just a white cake and my children had this tray so they could decorate it themselves! I love people who think what will be fun for the children? Such a blessing!


My sister gave me this card a couple of months ago for my birthday. I love seeing Jane dancing about on my cabinet before I grab my coffee mug. She loved to dance.


Did you hear the good news?!?!? HE ROSE! So we celebrated and are still celebrating our first Easter here in Virginia, our new home. What a great comfort the seasons, the Holy Mass, the songs and prayers and words are to this Coast Guard mama in her new place. Even after nine months here, I am still trying to settle and be at peace and God is so good and I see I need this Church so bad. 

Alleluia! More PHFR here.


  1. love the painted eggs- we paint ours, too, even though i grew up only dying them. where i live the eggs are brown so i decided to paint them. so glad i did because the girls now do it on their own!
    moving is so so hard... hang in there!

  2. Your eggs are beautiful as are the bouquet you put together. Isn't it so nice when our children appreciate those little gestures with something as simple as, "Good job, Mommy!"?
    Love your idea with the cake decorating!

    1. Thank you Laura! Yes I love my little cheerleaders!