Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Making Home Life Attractive: Sharing Wisdom Part One

I found a gem of a book at Good Will with a copyright of 1909.

The Young Folks Treasury Volume 7: Ideal Home Life

I feel guilty NOT sharing this writing with you, so I will today! From the essay The Home: Hints of Happiness by Frank A. De Puy I would like to share the following because I find it is something I am CONSTANTLY working on.

Be Considerate

No one would think of speaking harshly to a friend or a guest. Surely the members of our own families are entitled to as much consideration as our friends or guests. Yet how many times do we find fault in the home circle for little things that we would hardly notice elsewhere!

It is the little things that make or mar the home life.

Kind words and gentle acts make the happy home.

Sympathy, help, and comfort should not be withheld from one's companions until illness or trouble has overtaken them.

Nothing is worse in the family circle than nagging. There will be no nagging where each one in the family is considerate of the feelings of others. Rough and hasty words have no place in the happy home. If we are considerate of those around us, no such words will be heard in our families.

See! You are MOST welcome. I knew you would love these words, as I have.

God Bless You!

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  1. Was this really posted at 4:01am last May 3? I love the thought of you using that time to share w us and in the same, reminding yourself what you love and desire. Thank you! In full agreement,