Sunday, September 18, 2016

A High Relationship House

My friend Jennifer sent me an email with some of her school goals for her little ones. Maybe we need to learn how to use scissors well or recognize specific sight words, but her list wasn't like that at all, it struck me as one that centered around the children feeling loved everyday.

So I started getting all of these ideas as I worked and schooled in my last week, my mind kept coming back to relationships.

One of the constant battles I have within my own space, this space I am trying to cultivate, is the fine line between order and rigidity. Between organized chaos and full on imagination explosion.
For example, a dress shop:

Although I was in the Coast Guard alongside my husband for a time, the military order and discipline was NEVER my strong point. I get that our rooms needed to be immaculate at the academy but it was always a struggle for me. I was having coffee with my dear friend Abby one day, and our ten children were being themselves all around my home, and I was sharing a bit about these housekeeping struggles.

She simply stated, "Oh! Its ok! You are high relationship!"

There is so much I love about this simple statement.

This was so freeing!

I AM high relationship and I want a high relationship house. As in...on the scale of things in life that matter to me...material things really don't matter that much and so on the GRAND litmus test of life...I am high relationship. It is about people. It is about how I am interacting with those people.

I have a husband and five beautiful children, and these people, my core people, should benefit MOST from my high relationship house.

My challenge to myself this week is to keep pouring on the good stuff in my day that really tips the relationship side of the scale to high. I am grateful for Jennifer's sweet goals of daily hugs and kisses and affirming words to her littles.

Can I remember to kneel and look into my littles ones eyes? Can I walk to go get them and keep my voice calm instead of barking to another room?

Can I keep my phone away from me until the end of the day and then check emails and texts?

Can I squeeze in a decent pile of books with my four year old in the morning?

Can I allow her to cook next to me and not mind that it takes longer, which eats into our school time?


God bless xxoo