Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Battle to Remember a Battle

St. Michael's feast day was late September and a few of my mama friends and I schemed up a massive nerf war in order to celebrate St. Michael's awesome victory over Satan. It happened a few weekends after the actual feast day, but we all prayed St. Michael's prayer at the beginning, which somehow seemed to make everything (as in it being well past his actual feast day) alright.

It was actually very easy to pull off as everyone pitches in. We bring food but keep things simple. One family, who are more seasoned in nerf wars, cleverly ordered tons of ammunition and safety goggles.

The four families had 23 kids between them, so the dads were certainly outnumbered.

We moms took turns watching the littles and joined in every now and then to support our men

 and our parish seminarian also helped out the dads.

It was so much fun! Our backyard joins with our friend's backyard so the kids already had an intricate fort complex in the woods and all the terrain was just very appropriate for this kind of endeavor.

So...no one got hurt! I look at these pictures and I am thankful for Catholic culture and large families. It is so easy to speak large family when you are with other large families...like...let's keep it simple, I will bring mac'n cheeses, let's make sure if you get "hit" you can go to the healing area and count and be better so noone has to be upset, can we add cupcakes and a happy birthday at the end for one of our eleven year olds? YES!

  It wasn't a trip to a theme park but it did require dads who can give up Sunday football to play...and maybe some taquitos.

 God Bless!


  1. Oh my this sounds amazing!! I am so happy you have other like minded families near you.

  2. What an incredible idea! Looked so fun!! And nice weather that could be counted on--you've gotta love it there! You--party spirit extraordinaire--are so lovable. Reminding us to keep celebrating!