Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Less Staged More Improvised

My second eldest has really been pleased with the way Christmas is unfolding in our home. I think it is because I have kept school to the very basics for December but also because they can finish school quickly there has been more time for baking. We usually never venture out beyond simple sugar cookies decorated with icing and sprinkles of course.

This year I have been a little more deliberate about letting the older girls kind of HAVE the kitchen. They enjoy the freedom and YES I am there helping but I try my best to not interfere. This is pretty easy for me as I DO NOT BAKE. I think I am good at some things...like reading. Other things, baking...oh...so so much room for improvement there.

And yet, if we aren't trying and improving...hmmm

So we have ventured beyond sugar cookies this year!

And baking makes for some very festive pictures:

So baking together has been very sweet and messy but necessary. I introduced the kids to my Christmas baking board on Pinterest and that may have been unnecessary as now we have about 50 cookies picked out that they want to "try". Also, we iced one recently and the girls looked at the beautiful picture of what it SHOULD have looked like on Pinterest and I was having thoughts about how perhaps recipe cards in lovely cursive...no pictures...are the way to go!

Oh, I can get so caught up in the magic of the kitchen that I don't realize when things like rainbow sprinkles don't get put away. I mean...I DID see them on the counter and I think I even saw my toddler playing with them but my mom brain processed it as "lid is on, its a shaker toy" when my brain should have probably sent the thought "take that away from her."


And this wasn't staged. This is more the child taking the lead and we all follow her lead. Very improvised! As I was cleaning up this mess, and she was going "mmmm" and "yummy" I chuckled because...what did I think the next five minutes should have looked like? Why do I think I should be doing something else? Toddlers are such a gift...they pull us into the moment and remind us to be present with our present work and open ourselves to the virtue of the moment. In this moment God sent me patience...again...seems He likes that one for me.

So excited for Christmas!

Love to you all xxoo

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