Sunday, December 4, 2016

Look I Give Suggestions!

There is a kindred spirit in Wisconsin, a dear sister in Christ, who texted me the other day asking me about audio books for her eldest daughter who is most likely doing "big girl" pre-K work for her homeschool. From some photos I have seen, some of this work includes "acting out" Little House on the Prairie.

We have developed a love for the written word in this home and it has really been through reading aloud together that this love has happened. We have shared experiences through characters and their struggles and their stories...and we all learn together. My husband reads in the evening to the girls, usually something history based (Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Hiding Place, Man From Mount Vernon) and I cover the classics during the day, usually a chapter at a time (right now we are enjoying The Wind in the Willows). I insist on it all being unabridged, yes, children want the best, believe it.

So, in response to Jennifer, I have relied HEAVILY on audio books in my home, and I do have some suggestions! My eldest, and my introvert, is the one who really loves to sit, by herself, and listen to stories for hours. She is currently listening to The Reign of Terror, a narrative about the French Revolution. But..this is NOT where she started...

I asked her to get her bins down from her closet.

And it made me realize I should probably get my younger ones listening. 

These cds are from Great Hall Productions and I consider them a wonderful investment and addition to our library. I have been successful finding many used. They make wonderful gifts for Easter baskets or Christmas stockings. I love that the little ones can listen to fables or fairy tale stories or tall tales and my older children can sit for long books.

I also want to add that Peter and the Wolf is very much loved here too. We have this version.

God sends us children who are so so different, with unique personalities and varied learning audio books might not be for everyone! It IS nice however to be listening to a story instead of watching screen.

Hope this helped Jennifer! Blessings!

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