Sunday, December 4, 2016

Waiting for Things to Get Better

I start to get uneasy as the stores put up Christmas decor right after Halloween. They of the great them want us to be thinking of Christmas and all the things we need. Think of your doings, whatever they are, and be sure to buy "_____" to make it all extra is a candy cane to get you thinking about it. We put away Autumn decor and watch the leaves fall.

So with grateful hearts Thanksgiving passes

and then our Church is closing Doors of Mercy and she turns our attention to one purple candle...lit...and hymns of Someone coming and she says, "Yes, beloved, again I will have you looking East."

Something about seeing the second candle lit this morning, made it more real for me. It was as if I was given permission to settle into the season. We are making our way around the wreath. Yes, get comfy in this season, see if you can stay awhile.

We leave the sanctuary and we carry that feeling...that we didn't sing the Gloria this morning...but we will again, and so soon, just like the angels.

I want to bring this feeling of anticipation back to my home. Just this space, my space, that my husband and I are sovereign over. Oh! What will Advent look like this year??? What has it looked like so far?

Maybe we take out of a basket of Christmas themed stuffed animals for the children...

And then we set bait for the ants (since they are finding your den such a cozy space)...

This all looks so different from home to home. My first goal though, this Advent, is to make sure I'm in it! My home that is. None of these special moments will happen if I'm pulled away from this space. And BELIEVE me...this beautiful historic place I'm in has so much to offer when it comes to Christmas towns and grand illuminations and parades. I see it all beckoning to us from the newspaper and social media shares. I was struggling with if or how or when we would do any of the happenings that seem so fun and then...these are how these things go... this one got a fever after that first purple candle was lit.

And life is slower when our young ones get sick and has a way of turning and focusing on the essential. The one whose head is so warm to touch is the gift...the reason to simply say no thank you to all the happenings. All the reasons to leave your space.

No. She is going to needs lots of rocking and time to just lay. She can't always say or find words for the pain she is feeling, the throbbing and the chills so it comes out as a whimper...and just a need to be held and cuddled by the one she calls mama.

And I find myself in a deep work called "nurture." All of a sudden my homeschool week is shot and I am grateful for math and The Wind in the Willows.

Curious George has a Christmas special and I turn it on..again.. without shame.

It isn't surviving, it is waiting...waiting for things to get better...and maybe, when I thought this whole sick toddler week was a pretty lousy way to start this holy season I see it is actually a perfect way to start.

Advent is about a people waiting for the Light.

Waiting and anticipating and preparing for the time when all things will be better. And He keeps His promise!

So...she is feeling well now, with a bit of a runny nose, but I am so thankful.

I was thinking I have very high expectations for a "Dicken's" type atmosphere in my home as Christmas approaches and God always finds a way to ground me a bit, He finds a way to help me prioritize...and grow...and focus on the essential.

God Bless You my friends!

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