Tuesday, July 4, 2017

True Freedom

She made it here safely. Our beautiful baby girl was born on Father's Day. You can imagine our joy. Justin, the children and I are all so happy. She fits perfectly, as we knew she would.

There is something I am experiencing with her though that is so new to this sixth one...

It doesn't feel like work anymore.

Ok ok she IS a good baby and I have had FIVE other children so I guuuuueeeess I am an experienced mom, and it might have something to do with all of the other mama hens who are able to help...

but more I find that it isn't work because she is our Pearl of Great Price. 

As in, Justin and I have turned a corner in this FAMILY bit and it doesn't feel like we are "stepping into an arena" or that it is our "duty to have children" or that we are "making sacrifices," it just feels very freeing to be married and to follow God's design for our marriage.  

That is our baby girl. 

She is trust and faith and His agenda not ours. 

And out of His generosity, we have received the best of Gifts. 

There is freedom in just living your vocation of marriage. Every moment...

is His will for you.

I have been walking with a particular priest this pregnancy, who would have thought that an American Jesuit accused of being a Vatican spy during World War II, who spent twenty years in a Siberian work camp, could help ME...a twenty first century very pregnant mother in Virginia????

But he did...he is still helping...

"It is in choosing to serve God, to do his will, that man achieves his highest and fullest freedom."

 "It may seem paradoxical to say that our highest and fullest freedom comes when we follow to the least detail the will of another, but it is true nonetheless when that other is God."

"Accepting whatever comes or happens as the will of God, no matter what is costs spiritually, psychologically, physically, is the surest and quickest way to a freedom of soul and spirit that surpasses all understanding and explanation."

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Congratulations, Steph!! Beautiful baby & Family!! ...I'm reading "with God in Russia" now, and "He Leadeth Me" is next up! -Melinda

    1. Thank you Melinda! Yes Fr Walter has certainly been a game changer. God bless

  2. Thank you for sharing. This is a beautiful reflection I hope to sit with for awhile.
    I was going to text you asking about book suggestions. Hmm now I have one to add to the list!!

    1. You will love it. And...I just picked up your copy of "The Worlds First Love" and I'm loving it xoxo